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I wrote 3 books set in the world of Annwn! Click here for more information or to buy the books!

Welcome to Annwn

Annwn is a fantasy, medieval roleplay website that gives players a place to express their creativity inside an intricately crafted, original world by means of collaborative storytelling.

On Annwn, players will be able to make a profile, chat with fellow roleplayers, explore over 100 pages of lore on the wiki, and of course roleplay on the forum or Minecraft server.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our lore, and we can’t wait to see what players like you can create from it! To get started, feel free to click the button below, or click below on some of our suggested starting resources. We hope you enjoy exploring the world of Annwn!

Note: If the site isn't loading, please disable your ad blocker. Don't worry, we have no ads!


Roleplay Guides

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