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May 05, 2019
In Server Towns/Nations
This post will discuss the town lore of Vhalaghou. However this post will be incomplete and will be filled more as different role-play sessions fill in the gaps of information. The Day of Arrival: (Told from the Perspective of Xuag Verthag) After the dismissal of the previous chieftain I had decided we needed to find a place to settle down. The best way to do this was to do what we had done best in the past. We had found a village worth taking over and when had waited until the cover of darkness waiting on a hillside nearby. When the full moon had risen into the night sky we had made our move. Torch in hand and axe in the other we had pillaged and slaughtered our way through the town of humans like we did so many others. To my knowledge not one human had escaped the raid and we gathered all their bodies to be set ablaze into three central fires in the middle of camp. The heads we had left laid all over town. Blood had soaked the streets and their flesh had turned rotten. I had ordered our tribe to settle down into their homes as we plan out our new settlement. The Progression of the Village: (WIP) The previous humans had setup their houses and gardens with a pasture of cows nearby. With much of their forest cut down I had felt it would be in our best interest to replant the forest they had cut down in the name of the earth goddess. We had constructed a tower to warn us of invaders which is manned by a shift of alternating orcs.
May 03, 2019
In Character Introductions
Basics Name: Xuag Verthag Age: 74 Race: Lowland Orc Place of birth: Unknown. Part of a nomadic tribe of pillaging,raiding orcs that would jump from one conquest to the next in search of their next plundering. Current location: A human village the orcs that inhabit don't know how to read and verbally renamed it to Vhalaghou after the slaughter of the villagers. Occupation: Seen as a Godlike chieftain among his fellow orcs. Appearance Eyes: The Uncommon color of Black Eyes. Hair: Thick Black hair that has been cut harshly, singed from fire and clotted with blood. Although sometimes he will just remove it all. Specifically during times of seasonal renewal. Height: 7" 9' Skin: His skin is thick acting like body armor for all the fights he has gotten in his skin scabs over and grows stronger. Pointed weapons have a harder time to pierce me. Body Type (skinny, fat, fit, etc): Fit but with a rounded stomach. Meaning that most of his strength is in his legs and arms with a neglected core. Clothes: Wears leather armor and straps. Prefers to adapt his armor to the circumstance in the rush of battle. If he finds better gear or something that catches his eye. He takes it for himself. Weapons: His main weapon of choice is the battleaxe. Backstory Childhood (1-45): If you had handed a baby an axe and told it to go out and kill thats what it was. Hunting anything my child self could throw my axe into. The tribe never had a rat problem. I was made fun of by the other orc children. My tusks did not grow as long as the other and I had to train harder to keep up with them. I was taken care of by my father who at the time was a expert tracks-man. He was able to hunt down animals by scent and taste alone. I would see him lick at the air which confused me but it would always lead us to a fresh kill. My mother on the other hand wasn't part of my life. My father would only tell me small snippets of information such as she was a younger delicate orc who was a beauty to behold. These stories only left me to fill a void that I have kept into my later years. Middle Years (46-Present day): My training was one of my biggest concerns. Keeping up with the other orcs and making sure I was taking care of my fellow tribesman. I realized I was a bit faster then normal and I would use this to my advantage when anyone wished to fight me to settle a dispute. I began to have a reputation which led to less and less orcs fighting me and more and more orcs respecting me. With every human village we razed to the ground I realized this way of life isn't going to last long for us. Eventually we will run out of villages to burn and pillage. I began to request an audience with our village chieftain who had decided that my ideas of settling down were going to be the destruction of our way of life. He scoffed at the idea that we would run through our endless resources. He had criticized my age as I had known nothing yet in this life. The village needed change and I was going to be the one to enact it. In the next couple years I had begun to recruit people toward a more fearsome loyalty toward me.I had begun to plant a seed of doubt into our fellow orcs. Eventually around my 65th year. I had decided that our aging orc leader was not fit to lead. Villages had begun to be scarce and the animals we had hunted had become less and less. Our people hungry had begun to listen to what I had to say about settling and adopting some of the things the humans who we had slaughtered have been doing to survive. I had requested one more audience with the old chieftain and have requested a trial of combat for leadership of the village. The tribe had gathered around to witness this and the battle between me and him had ensued. My axe vs his spear eventually I had used my speed against him to make a slash at his spear handle cutting in 1/2 after that had happened. It was all downhill for him. With a few more slashes at his body and one heavy chop at his head. The chief was down and the tribe was mine to control. I now resides as a chieftain of my village. I have decided to stop my tribes nomadic lifestyle for a more permanent style. I am constantly trying to make this transition easyier for my people however this is still a constant fight with some of his fellow orcs more nomadic instincts. Personality Likes: Fighting, Ritualistic Traditions, Axes, Large feasts of animals. Dislikes: I don't like to bathe. I hate humans. Any technology I don't understand. Ideals: The low are lifted up, and the high and mighty are brought down. Change is the natural order of things. The stories, legends and songs of the past must never be forgotten. Motivation: I live for my tribe. I fight for my tribe. My tribe will be protected with every fiber of my smelly Orcish self. Flaws:I remember every insult I've received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who's ever wronged me. My pride will lead to my destruction.
Xuag Verthag, The Orcish Chieftain content media


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