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May 02, 2019
In Character Introductions
Astaroth Yellowfield The Blood Paladin General Information Full Name: Astaroth Yellowfield. Title (s): None Nickname/Aliases: - Important Information Age: 25 Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Physical Disabilities: None Jewelry/Accessories: None Pets/Companions: None Physical Attributes Build Stocky, Muscled, the guy’s ripped Height 2. 57m Weight Very heavy Voice A low, raspy voice, he has a soft hissing when pronouncing the s but it’s not exaggerated Hair None Skin Black Scales Eyes Golden Distinguishing Features Spiked features like his maw General Appearance Astaroth is a black-scaled behemoth of a Wynorm. Standing about 2.57 meters tall, he has a very muscled build, broad shoulders, wingless. He has golden eyes and a very imposing figure, accented by the spikes in his face. He has dark ash colored horns and white teeth. He has a big and beefy tail, which is versatile enough to wrap around things. Dress Code Astaroth dresses in simple, dark clothes. He wears a chainmail with short sleeves and his arms are oddly exposed for an otherwise warrior-like build and look. he wears a pair of specially made boots for his feet, and he doesn’t wear much jewelry aside from a single, faded silver ring on his ring finger. Hygiene Not the most Hygienic individual, but keeps himself clean enough to not be disgusting. Traits Strengths Forsaken Magic Astaroth was born with the gift of forsaken magic in its most powerful state, able to, if trained, cast very powerful spells Physical Behemoth Through magical enhancements and a lot of training, Astaroth is a beast to deal with in the physical side, let not his gift lie to you, he’s not a common mage. Calm and Collected Astaroth is able to stay calm in very tense situations with relative ease. Wise When you live a lot and live for fighting evil, you pick up a sense of danger and understanding of people and your surroundings Weaknesses Weak to Light Magic Like all Wynorms, Astaroth is weak to magic. Wingless Astaroth, unlike his brethren, lacks of natural wings. Distrustful It’s hard for Astaroth to open up and trust people again Lack of Agility Astaroth is not very agile, he’s able to do things like turn around, but his fighting style is more heavy and standing ground rather than twirling around Bold Astaroth speaks his mind, which sometimes ends up hitting rather hard Uneducated Being the son of farmers, Astaroth hasn’t received much education, he knows how to read, but he’s ignorant in a lot of topics, this, however, doesn’t mean he’s dumb.
Astaroth Yellowfield, The Blood Paladin. content media


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