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Jun 16, 2019
In Character Introductions
Basics Name: Blaidd Esgyrn Age: 297 Race: Werewolf Place of birth: Small village in Rapal, abandoned many years ago Current location: Hunting Lodge named "The Wolf's Den", located in the Aethos wilderness Occupation: Hunter Appearance Eyes: red Hair: grey Height: 6'1" Skin: Pale, scarred Body Type: Athletic Backstory Childhood: Born into a small village, located in Rapal, that honored the Pureblood Werewolves as guardian entities, he was offered to the pack at birth and raised among other werewolves. Middle Years: Spent better part of a century working as a bounty hunter for the Aethos High Court, hunting and capturing anyone trying to evade the law. On several occasions, served as a rank and file soldier. Has spilled a significant amount of blood in several conflicts. Currently: Seeking a comfortable retirement in the wilderness, took his savings and invested them into building a Hunting Lodge. Spends his days roaming the local forest. Invited others to come and start a village with him, his neighbors are Illion, whom he served in the army with, and Talia, a young seamstress trying to find some direction in her life. The village, as yet unnamed, is being built as a sort of haven for those who might find themselves unwelcome elsewhere. Personality Likes: Non-humans, nature, hunting, fishing Dislikes: Arrogance, vegetables Current goals: Founding a village of outcasts
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