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            Anathemas are a race similar to Elementals/Golems, but are considered abominations. THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.

Physical Attributes



            Anathemas, like golems, are made of any material that is provided by the creator. Their physical features will all be made of this material.


            An Anathema’s eye color will be the color of their soul.


            Anathemas have humanoid bodies that will have an appearance as decided by the creator.

            Anathemas do not have any memories of their previous lives or of any time spent in the underworld. They do need to consume food to survive, but they will only need to eat once every week and must consume the material their bodies are made of (i.e.: An Anathema made of metal would need to consume metal in order to survive); they can't consume normal food as they don't have a digestive system capable of digesting it.

           Anathemas can sleep, but do not have to.

           Anathemas are infertile.


            Anathemas are created fully matured and do not age.



            Anathemas are a race of constructs similar to golems in that they are made from materials provided by the spell caster, but they are also similar to Elementals in that they are created using Superior souls. Anathemas are considered abominations as they are the result of very evil and warped magic. They are created through a twisted version of the same spell used to create Elementals. Normally, the spell takes elements from the area around it to create the body, the soul must be gained using extremely powerful magic/the help of a God or from a willing living person, and the resulting Elemental is soul-bound to the creator. The twisted version of the spell results in the creator being able to use any material they like to house the soul, gaining the soul requires even more powerful magic than the original spell and the soul doesn’t need to be willing, and the resulting Anathema is not soul-bound (but they are still unwillingly trapped in a body made of their creator’s choosing until their creator decides to kill them). Other smaller magical properties can be chosen by the creator and given to the Anathema as well (anything from magical abilities to Traits to small magical effects on their bodies).

            The spell was created by an evil Mage named Richard Firnyn, though he is widely known as just Firnyn. It is unknown as to the exact reason why he created this spell, but it is clear that it was intended for evil purposes as it is believed that of the 5 Anathemas he originally created, 4 were created using unwilling souls. Once the URA found out about this spell, an urgent council meeting was held in Lakshmi 876. The results of the meeting were that the spell be banned and Firnyn killed in hopes that the spell not be released to more people. A renowned Human adventurer of the time named Luis Rockwell was hired by the URA to carry out the order. Firnyn was successfully killed, but they were unable to prevent the spell from being released. The spell is still banned and if anyone is caught using it, they are executed.

            It is said that there are about 3,000 Anathemas in existence, but this is likely just an estimate; especially since it is believed that many evil Mages that live in the Wastelands have created armies of Anathemas.

            Anathemas are both the most recently created race as well as the most recently recognized race to be added to the URA. Originally, the plan was to kill any Anathemas because they are the result of such a horrible spell, but this was quickly deemed immoral since most Anathemas didn’t choose to become Anathemas. Instead, the Anathemas were officially added as a race to URA, and were given the choice of whether or not they wanted to be killed. About 50 of the original 1,000 decided to let the URA aide them in ending their lives, but those that chose to do so were made of materials that made their existence pure suffering. The current (and likely permanent) Anathema URA representative is named Ultha, and not only does the normal job of a URA council member, but also is in charge of registering a new Anathema once they are found and giving them the choice of life or death. Ultha then reports statistics for the century to the council at the meetings.

            Anathemas aren’t very well known, and are generally treated like lesser beings by those that know their origins, or like monsters/curiosities by those who don’t know what their race is.



            Anathemas are very low in numbers and are a very new race. Due to this, they do not have any culture other than a celebration known as ‘Liberation Day’. This holiday takes place on June 30th, the anniversary of the death of the evil Mage, Firnyn. The holiday doesn’t have any traditions other than that Anathemas will typically go out to celebrate and/or will spend time with friends or family.




            Anathemas have the magic abilities given to them by their creators (if any). They are also capable to reforming if their materials are scattered or damaged. 

Preferred Fighting Style

            Anathemas vary greatly and thus have no fighting style that is common among a majority of them.


            Anathemas are harmed by whatever would normally harm the material they are made of. To be killed, though, their material must be reduced to ashes or contained in a container that is small enough to prevent them from reforming. 


            Anathemas have the names their creators chose for them or ones they chose for themselves after being liberated from their creators.

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