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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything on this list that doesn't answer your question, you can contact staff through the contact us form

Is my child allowed to be on this website?

If they are 13 and over, yes. But, please keep in mind that while we will try to keep the community clean, this website is not intended for children, and it is not our responsibility to do so.

What will you do to protect my child from things I deem inappropriate?

Again, this website is not intended for children. We try to keep things clean, but it is not our responsibility to do so and we aren't liable for what your child may be exposed to. It is your job as a parent to monitor what your kids do online, not ours. If you don't like that, we encourage you to find a different website. 

My child told me they are being bullied on here, what can I do?

If you ever suspect any kind of bullying, you can contact us through our forms page to report it and/or request the player be banned, or you can contact us directly through our contact us page

Will my child's information be sold or stolen?

No, this website is strictly for fostering a roleplay community, and will not sell any information you or your child provide on the site. As for the possibility of it being stolen, we work hard to keep the security of our website in shape, and will do our absolute best to ensure this doesn't happen. 

Does Annwn cost anything to use?

No, this website is completely free to use and play on, with the only exceptions being if your child wanted to purchase a buy-only race. But, this is completely optional, and with over 51 races and subraces to choose from, they shouldn't have any issue finding something they'd like to roleplay as.

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