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    You are allowed to play as any of the races listed below, excluding donator races. Using a donator race without permission will result in an immediate ban. You are welcome to make multiple characters as long as you play by the main rules. You may rp however you like in private messages, but Rps that are outside of lore and restrictions are not cannon and are to be treated as such. Those that are suspected of using non-cannon lore in the public forums are subject to a week-long ban for a first offense. 
    The races below are the only playable races. If there is a race that you would like added or a characteristic added to a race, you can submit a request form through

    Can't decide on a race? Try our Race Quiz!

All Valid Races

Races and Subraces by Type


  • Galdurlif*

  • Angel

  • Fairy

    • Ellylldan (Fire fairy)

    • Leanan (Water fairy)

    • Lauman (Life fairy)

    • Mirtisan (Death fairy)

    • Ziemian (Earth fairy)

    • Vejasan (Wind fairy)

  • Satyr

  • Elf

    • High

    • Meadow

    • Wood

    • Moon

    • Dark

    • Sun

    • Desert

    • Mountain

  • Orc

    • Highland

    • Lowland

  • Demon

    • Adarra

    • Hegal

    • Piztia

Common Humanoids 

Animalistic Humanoids 

  • Werewolf

  • Tsusei

  • Centaur

    • Urchi (Beartaur)

    • Karchi (Cattaur)

    • Cenchi (Centaur)

    • Jerchi (Deertaur)

    • Ragnochi (Spidertaur)

    • Pulichi (Wolftaur)


Avian Humanoids 


Reptilian Humanoids 

  • Zahhak

  • Lamia

    • Regular snake

    • Snow serpent

    • Sky serpent 

    • Water serpent 

    • Lava serpent

  • Wynorm



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