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Violating the following rules will result in a ban. Terms and extent of these rules is up to the staff. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.


Ban length is at the discretion of the staff members, but the typical process is:

First offence = 1 week ban

Second offence = 3 month ban

Third offence = permanent ban

You will be told before being banned how long your ban will be for. It is your responsibility to appeal your ban at the end of the ban length in order to get unbanned. You will not be automatically unbanned, and you must appeal it in the forms section.

1. No Harassment or Bullying of Any Kind

We strive to foster an inclusive and safe community. Anything that goes against that is not allowed. This includes interactions that happen in character; ie no misogyny, racism, etc even if it "furthers your character development". It's not ok and it's not allowed. The only exception would be if it is in a private chat, and if all parties are in agreement to this behavior and have explicitly stated as such. If anyone is not ok with this, it is not allowed.

2. No Godmodding

Godmodding is the act of forcing another player to do something. More info on this can be found in our rp guide.

3. No Metagaming

Metagaming is when you take information you gained out of character (ooc) and use it in character. More info on this can be found be found in our rp guide


4. No Sexual Content

This includes ERP. ERP is the abbreviation for 'erotic roleplay' this includes any roleplay that has or implies sexual activity or themes.

5. No Vulgar or Offensive Behavior

This includes cursing (in public chats), slurs, hate speech, and etc. 

6. No Advertising

Advertising of another server, website, etc will result in an immediate permanent ban if you do so within 60 days of joining. After this time period, the normal ban process applies. 

7. No Spamming or Trolling

Spamming for any reason, even to try to get people to join an rp, is not allowed. Trolling, as it also falls under our harassment rule, is obviously not allowed.

8. No Ban Evading

Ban evading by creating an alternate account will result in an immediate permanent IP ban, meaning you can never create an account again.

9. No Illegal Activities or Content

Obviously it is not allowed. Players are responsible for ensuring that their posts conforms to all local, state, federal, and international laws. Further, they are responsible for insuring their legal copyright is in place for any images, text, or other post elements, and that their content does not infringe upon any other copyright. This applies to any and all art. If you have an image that you can't prove that you own, it will be taken down and you may be banned.

10. No Underage People

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account, if you are found to be underage, you will be immediately permanently banned. 

11. No Unauthorized Race Usage

This includes but is not limited to using a bought race without paying for it, using a race that isn't on the race list while rping on a public thread, and etc.

12. No Plagiarizing

 This includes but is not limited to copying pop culture characters as well as copying characters on the server. People put a lot of effort into their characters and backstories, so we have no sympathy for those that plagiarize.

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