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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything on this list that doesn't answer your question, you can contact staff through the contact us form.

Is there a word count? 
No, you're welcome to write as much as you want (provided that it isn't spam).

Is there a limit to how many characters I can play? 
No, you are welcome to have as many characters as you like!

What's the rule on art?
As it says in our rules list, you must have explicit ownership of the art in order to use it. If you cant prove that you own it, it will be taken down and you may receive a temporary ban.


Can characters share names? 

Of course! Its just like how people in real life can share names. But, you aren't allowed to copy someone else's character.

Can my character be a God?

No! As is discussed in our Religion lore wiki page, only staff members are allowed to play as Gods. this is simply to prevent people from being overpowered and messing with lore that they have no right to.

Is this website for kids?

Yes and no. Yes, in that children ages 13 and up are allowed to join the website, but no in that this website is not explicitly intended for use by children.  

Can I have a -insert futuristic/steampunk item here-?

No, as it states in our History and Time lore on the wiki under World Basics, modern or even steampunk inventions do not exist and you aren't allowed to invent them in character. 

I have a race/traits/lore suggestion, where can I submit it?

You can submit any suggestions, requests, and etc using our forms section.

I want to apply for staff, where can I submit an application?

You can submit an application in our forms section.

Can I have an immortal character?

You are bound by the rules of your chosen race. If said race is immortal, this just means that they stop aging after a certain number of years, so they can't die from old age. They can still be affected by disease and injury though. 

Can I create a town/city?

Yes! But, you can't just magically become the leader or a high ranking official of an already lore established town.

Do you have events?

Yes! The goal is to hold an event about once a month. Events may include a small handful of people in groups or it may include the entire forum, it just depends. 

Can I be from any country?

As most countries of Annwn are racially diverse, you are allowed to be from any country as long as it makes sense for your character.

Why are most rp areas in Aethos?

In Annwn, Aethos is the most racially diverse, culturally accepting, and politically free country. This means that it makes sense for the most interracial interaction and etc to happen here. Annwn is also a very big world, so we can't make rp areas for every city in every country, that list would be way too long! Instead, most rp areas are in Aethos, and the rest are by country and for you to fill in the lines (lore permitting). 

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