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Geography of Annwn

For forum use only

World of Annwn

The map pictured above is the layout of the world of Annwn. This map is only for those that rp on the forum. Those that rp on the minecraft server can disregard this map, as it is more important to create the rp map yourselves through building on the server.

Geography and Etc. in the Countries of Annwn. Please feel free to only memorize information pertinent to your character, and simply use the rest as a reference whenever it is needed.



  • The main country of focus in AnnwnRP events. Its geography consists of swamps towards the south, plains towards the east, forests in the west, and snowy mountains in the north.

  • The world of annwn is much bigger than our own. Aethos is roughly the size of Africa. 

  • All manner of races live here, and it is the most racially diverse country in all of Annwn. 

  • It is the only country where slavery, racial discrimination, and the death sentence are all outlawed. It is lead by an Elven Emperor, named Asli Usra, who is the 12th ruler of Aethos and known for his kindness. He has been known for his efforts to politically motivate other countries to take steps towards social equality for all races.

  • The Emperor rules over 10 kings/queens who govern the 10 provinces of Aethos. The provinces are run almost identically, but each king/queen is responsible for being the ultimate judge. They have the final say in rulings in addition to being the spokesperson/representative to the emperor. This allows them to ask for more money/resources depending on what is needed for their province. 

  • Aethos is the oldest free-standing country in Annwn (6,000 years), as all others have constantly been changing due to the many wars in Annwn.

  •  Aethos' currency consists of gold (gp), silver (sp), and copper (cp) coins. 1 copper is equal to one real-life American dollar.

Other Countries



  • A wealthy country that runs the canal that separates the Sinine Ocean and The Sea of Faer. Their capital city, Ganib, is the home of the canal, and as it is the easiest ocean path connecting the north and south, they charge very high fees for rights of passage and heavily tax imported goods. Its geography is mainly fertile lowlands with some mountains in the northwest.

  • Adar is home to many different races due to it being a very popular importer and exporter of goods, but the most prominent races are Elves, Orcs (mainly in the northwest of the country), Centaurs, Angels, and Harpies (as slaves). 

  • Adar is run by an Angel called King Tabbris who rules the country very well and fairly, but he does support and refuses to ban slavery in the country.

  • Adar's currency is the same as Aethos'. 

Anfauglir Ardhon

  • A desert country that is home to many Elven architectural marvels, including the largest Elven city, Heledh. 

  • Primarily Elves (usually High Elves, Desert Elves, Dark Elves, and Sun Elves) live here, and while there are a few other races, they are quite rare. 

  • Anfauglir Ardhon has a very tense relationship with Aethos. This is because its ruler, Queen Lindale Ursa, took the throne of Anfauglir Ardhon after being banished from Aethos by her brother (Ansli) for trying to kill him and take the throne of Aethos for herself. 

  • Anfauglir Ardhon's currency is the same as Aethos'.


  • A floating island chain only accessible by flying transports whose geography is mainly tropical with a few desert areas on its northern islands.

  • Ekes is primarily home to the Ekek, with only a rare few other races living among them. 

  • Ekes is ruled by Queen Julia Ekhert who is only the 2nd ruler of the country so far. 

  • Ekes' currency consists of small (1 in / 2.5 cm) and medium (2 in / 5 cm) copper coins.


  • An island chain of both floating and ocean islands. It has plains, forests, and mountains. 

  • Ekosca is primarily home to Lamias, Humans, Merfolk, and Tsusei, with only a rare few other races.

  • Ekosca is ruled by a council of 5 members selected annually by its citizens to lead the country. Ekosca manages to avoid most wars through its peaceful ideals, and as such is one of the oldest free-standing countries. 

  • Ekosca's currency is the same as Aethos'.

Ewpeqob Zifyel Pihhypeha

  • The largest Merfolk country in Annwn. Its waters are tropical. 

  • The large number of Merfolk that live here tends to scare off any Water Lamias, so Merfolk and the occasional aquatic Tsusei are the only races that live here. 

  • E.Z.P. is ruled by a Sereia, King Posieph, who is known to be an extremely kindhearted man that just wants to protect his people. He is the sole reason for the prosperity E.Z.P. is currently experiencing. 

  • E.Z.P.'s currency consists of pink, white, and black pearls. 


  • A small country whose geography is mainly mountains and plateaus, with a very few fertile lowlands, thus they rely heavily on imports for food. Their architecture and traditions resemble that of ancient China. 

  • Primarily Satyrs, Centaurs, Cetan, and Giants live here, but many other races live in the big port cities of Gecaosga.

  • Gecaosga, Rapal, and Til are all ruled by one Empress, a Lamia named Peshyphe Sylth, but the countries insisted on remaining separate in name despite being ruled by the same person and technically being the same country. So, they remained "separate" each keeping their own kings/queens, but all of them answering to the policies and etc put forth by the empress.

  • Gecaosga's currency consists of light (5 oz), medium (10 oz), and heavy (15 oz) silver balls that are weighed for value.

Gihguym Bqyhi

  • A treacherous Merfolk country where Water Lamias and the Merfolk are constantly at war. Roughly half of the country is considered Water Lamia land. 

  • Only Merfolk and Water Lamias live here.

  • Gihguym Bqyhi is lead by a Sereian Queen named Pritha Lynstone, who is said to be one of the most brutal rulers in Annwn history as she condones and encourages brutal torture of enemy prisoners of war.

  • Gihguym Bqyhi's currency consists of pink, white, and black pearls.


  • A rather large island chain country whose geography consists of jungle and mountains. Its architecture and traditions resembles that of early South America/Mexico. 

  • All manner of races live here, and it's the 3rd most racially diverse country.

  • Gzira is very much still a tribal country, made up of 21 main tribes, but it is also very open to trade and racial diversification. They simply chose to both embrace new people and keep their traditional way of life. The 21 tribes are currently at peace, and the country is lead by the tribes' 21 chiefs. 

  • Gzira has no established currency, and simply uses bartering.


  • The southernmost country in Annwn, it has mountains, ice plains, and a few rare forests. 

  • The only race that is known to live in Hielon and withstand its frigid temperatures is Lamias (Ice Lamias).

  • Ice Lamia tribes despise outsiders, so no one is sure how many of them exist in Hielon. They also stay out of public eye, and even when a war is waged on them, they always manage to kill or starve out their enemy, remaining untouched by the rest of the world. 

  • Hielon is not known to have any currency, and it is assumed that they use bartering. 


  • A small island chain located in the north whose geography is mainly forests and ice plains.

  • Primarily Humans and Centaurs live here, but there are a few other races as well.

  • It consists of 3 large tribes, each one specializing in a certain trade. The Tuk tribe specializes in ivory and walrus meat, the Iln tribe specializes in whale hunting, and the Het tribe specializes in travel by ways of sea and land. The tribes had been at war with one another for centuries until a brutal Dictator named Julik came to Higa and forced an unstable peace upon them so that he could rule over them. No one is sure how he did so, but it is suspected to be an evil sorcerer of unimaginable power.

  • Higa's currency consists of small, medium, and large intricately carved ivory coins.


  • Kothit is the most geographically diverse country in Annwn, and bears almost every type of geographical possibility aside from arctic and tundra. Its culture resembles that of ancient Greece.

  • Kothit is home to every race as it is the 2nd most racially diverse country in Annwn. 

  • Kothit is run by an elected council of 50 people, one for each city state, which is headed by 2 "Presidents", one for each major political party.

  • Kothit's currency consists of silver coins with different images inlaid in them. They are (in order) dog coins, horse coins, and dragon coins.

Liuster Kullvec

  • Liuster Kullvec is a Northern island chain consisting of mostly flat but gradually sloping icecaps bordered by a mountainous, barren, rocky coast. ​

  • Liuster Kullvec is primarily home to Centaurs, Werewolves, Humans, and Satyrs, but a rare few other races live here as well.

  • It is run by a Cenchi named King Majak Ida, who originally came to be the head of the country through a dictatorship, but soon became a proper King as the citizens of Liuster Kullvec came to love him. 

  • Liuster Kullvec's currency consists of small (1 in / 2.5 cm), medium (3 in / 7.6 cm), and large (6 in / 15.2 cm) silver obelisks that they typically hang from strings attatched to their belts rather than use pouches. 


  • The northernmost country of Annwn, Lumivo is made entirely of tundra and mountains. It is home to the last Dwarven city of Groorbeginn. 

  • Primarily Dwarves, Gnomes, Giants, Cetan, and Centaurs live here, but there are a few other races as well.

  • Lumivo is a very wealthy country due to its many ore-filled mountains, but it is also a very treacherous land for the same reason. Generally it is ill advised to travel here unless you have a guide with you, as the harsh temperatures, wild animals, and rough landscape make it a very arduous journey. 

  • Lumivo's currency consists of small (0.5 in / 1.3 cm), medium (1 in / 2.5 cm), and large (1.5 in / 3.8 cm) golden coins inlaid with the images of famous Dwarven heroes.

Mina Hoth

  • An Orcish country of plains, swamps, and wetlands surrounded on all sides by mountains. 

  • Primarilly Orcs live here, but there are a few Centaurs (Urchi) that live here as well. Mina Hoth does not permit outsiders within its borders, and those that come to trade aren't allowed past the port cities. 

  • The Highland and Lowland Orcs maintain an unsteady peace with one another in this country, but only out of interest of fending off other countries from their land. The country is run by a Highland Orc elected official and a Lowland Orc chief. 

  • Mina Hoth's currency is split between bartering (lowland orcs) and enchanted pieces of paper (highland orcs). 

Qiuhz Weolpha

  • A Southern Merfolk Country that is the only Merfolk country to also have cities and villages on its islands. This is because most of the Merfolk that live here are Arrain, and thus can live on land without any negative effects. The geography of the islands is split between tundra and forests, and the waters are arctic. 

  • Qiuhz Welopha is home to Merfolk (mostly Arrain) and some Tsusei. 

  • Qiuhz Weolpha is actually lead by a Tsuseian King named Linoga. He is the first and only Tsusei to ever be King of any country in Annwn. What makes it even stranger is that he isn't an aquatic Tsusei, but a Lion, so he can't visit the underwater portions of his own country without the use of magic or an underwater transport. Other than his species, King Linoga is known for establishing a fierce military, and he is always at war with the Water Lamia tribes of the area. 

  • Qiuhz Welopha's currency consists of pink, white, and black pearls.


  • A small country whose geography consists mainly of forests, mountains, and fertile lowlands. Their architecture and traditions resemble that of medieval Russia.

  • Rapal is home to many races, but the most prominent are Humans, Werewolves, and Centaurs.

  • Gecaosga, Rapal, and Til are all ruled by one Empress, a Lamia named Peshyphe Sylth, but the countries insisted on remaining separate in name despite being ruled by the same person and technically being the same country. So, they remained "separate" each keeping their own kings/queens, but all of them answering to the policies and etc put forth by the empress.

  • Rapal's currency consists of light (5 oz), medium (10 oz), and heavy (15 oz) silver balls that are weighed for value. 


  • The largest country in Annwn, Regenwood's geography is very diverse with every geographical type of land except for desert and savanna. 

  • Only Fae races (those with silver blood) are permitted to live in Regenwood. 

  • Regenwood is run by a council of 4 elected officials, one for each leading race of Regenwood (angels, elves, fairies, and satyrs). It is known for its longstanding peace, and also for its slavery. Regenwood is the only country where Demons and Orcs are mass-enslaved, and it is illegal for a free Demon or Orc to live in Regenwood. This slavery policy was put in place to appease the Angels who couldn't have their enslaved Harpies with them in the country (since they aren't Fae), as well as to "allow" Orcs and Demons to live in the country since they are technically Fae (though other Fae races like to deny this fact).

  • Regenwood's currency consists of enchanted yellow, blue, and green glass coins. These coins have holes in the center and are generally stacked and carried on a string.​


  • A country that is mostly flat with many moors and forests. It is also home to the famous Vampire city, Ignir.

  • Primarily Vampires live here, but there are a few other races that stick to the port cities or become slaves. 

  • Reitart is notably known as "The Land of Darkness" as within its borders it is always dark. This is thanks to an unimaginably large crystal that is said to lie beneath the castle in the city of Ignir. No one is entirely sure how it works, but the mages of Reitart that are said to be responsible for it are known to be some of the most powerful in all of Annwn (they are even rumored to be graduates of the Scholomance). Reitart is ruled by the Vampire King, Toucal, who is known for establishing Reitart, and stopping the Fledgling War thus saving countless Human lives. 

    • The city of Ignir was established in the God Year Circe, was originally the only area that the King of Vampires had control over, and the only area on the continent that sat in darkness. But, when King Toucal took the throne of the city, he expanded his claim to the entire continent, established the country of Reitart, and expanded the city's darkness to reach the entire country.

  • Reitart's currency is the same as Aethos'.


  • An island chain country whose geography consists of mostly mountains, forests, and jungles. Its culture resembles that of pre-feudal era Japan. 

  • Primarily Fairies, Elves, Humans, Centaurs (Karchi), and Elementals live here, but despite it being very open to trade, it is not very racially diverse.

  • Retto is ruled by a Human Emperor named Yuuto Tsuji, who is known to be the reason Retto is currently so open to trade. Retto is known for its large amount of imports and exports, as well as it being the country with the largest population of Elementals. 

  • Retto's currency consists of zinc, copper, and tin coins that are stamped with the current emperor's seal. Once the current emperor dies, the coins will be submitted to the country to be melted down, stamped with the new emperor's seal, and given back to the people.  


  • A large country known to be the home of the Wynorm city of Taoul di Drihliri, and the only Zahhak cities and Demon cities in the world. The geography of Terpes consists of deserts, lava fields/plains, mesas, and savannas. 

  • Terpes is primarily home to Demons, Wynorms, Zahhak, Centaurs, and Lamias, but it is also very open to other races as it believes in racial equality very heavily. 

  • Terpes is lead by a Ragnochi named King Julian Frost, and is the only Ragnochi to ever lead a country, let alone be in the public eye. Julian was elected into his current Kingship, and is beloved by all that come to know him. He and the King of Aethos also signed an alliance and trade agreement roughly 100 years ago, and both countries have flourished ever since. 

  • Terpes' currency is the same as Aethos'. 


  • A small country consisting entirely of a glacier. The people that live here live in small tribes that rely on hunting to survive.

  • Primarily Merfolk (Arrain) and Werewolves live here. There used to be Human tribes as well, but those died out centuries ago. 

  • Gecaosga, Rapal, and Til are all ruled by one Empress, a Lamia named Peshyphe Sylth, but the countries insisted on remaining separate in name despite being ruled by the same person and technically being the same country. So, they remained "separate" each keeping their own kings/queens, but all of them answering to the policies and etc put forth by the empress.

  • Til's currency consists of light (5 oz), medium (10 oz), and heavy (15 oz) silver balls that are weighed for value.

The Wastelands

  • During the God Year Bromios, a roughly 500-year-long period started (and ended at the start of the God Year Circe), during which magical plants and animals acted crazed and violent. During this time, many cities suffered famine as the creatures would attack their crop supply seemingly without reason (for those of you that rp on the server, you can include Monsters in the attacks). No one understood why this was happening until, finally, a dark energy crystal known as ‘Malkeshin’ was found in the area now known as the Wastelands. The existence of Malkeshin was never truly understood, but people did understand that while the entire world was being affected by its existence, areas farthest away from the crystal were less affected. The reverse was true as well, though, and in the immediate approximately 1,000-mile radius, rivers and lakes had run dry, all animals had either run away or died, all plants were dead and rotten, and the air was filled with a heavy fog that burns the lungs. That area was so polluted by the dark energy from Malkeshin that it was unfixable. Malkeshin was also indestructible. The only choice that people had was to gather enough Mages from all over Annwn to build a force-field. While the field prevents the dark energy from getting out, unfortunately, the dark energy consumes so much of the power of the field, that people and creatures can still effortlessly pass through. Due to this, the Wastelands have become the home of creatures and people that are drawn to the immense dark energy of Malkeshin. But, on the bright side it has also become an ideal spot for adventurers to test their strength. Be warned though, any person or creature that enters the Wastelands must wear an enchanted hood and face mask. This is to prevent both the fog from burning their lungs and the dark energy from infecting their consciousness.

Ywi Cupih

  • A Merfolk country that is known for most of its cities being at the bottom of the ocean in the Profun Trench, the deepest point in all of Annwn.

  • Only Merfolk live here.

  • No one knows much about this country as its citizens rarely leave its cities at the deepest depths of the ocean. What little is known is that it is lead by a Sereian King, and that its capital city is said to be upon the shell of a giant turtle.

  • Ywi Cupih's  currency consists of pink, white, and black pearls.


Ywi Xylfmeg

  • An abandoned Merfolk country that was unable to be saved from the dark energy of the wastelands. No one knows what it is currently like, but rumors say that there are unbelievably large sea monsters lurking in its waters. 


  • Much like Adar, Zec is a wealthy country that runs the canal that is the quickest passage between The Norden Ocean and The Sinine Sea. Its geography consists of mountains and forests. 

  • All manner of races live here, but the most prominent are Centaurs and Humans.

  • Unlike Adar, Zec doesn't charge exorbitant fees for passage, and instead allows passage only to countries that agree to sign trade agreements with them. This has made Zec one of the most prominent trading countries in Annwn, despite its small size. Zek is run by a Human King named Frederickt Smith. 

  • Zec's currency consists of triangular, circular, and square bronze coins. 

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