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Server Only Lore

The Reform:


        The reform was a cataclysmic, apocalyptic event that occurred roughly 30 years ago. Before the reform occurred, the diviners of the world were warned by the Gods of the impending disaster and encouraged to save as many lives as possible by evacuating them into lesser dimensions. Often, people listened and escaped into dimensions of various climates, geography, and speed of the passage of time. Many left with only their lives, while some others took entire landscapes with town structures with them. No one knows what happened during the reform, but what is known is that the old world and everyone that was left behind perished, never to be seen again. There are no exceptions to this lore. For the purposes of lore, the old world and everyone that stayed behind on it effectively turned to dust!

        The current geography is not what is listed under Forum Geography! The server geography is completely different, and the forum geography should be considered, on the server, to be the old world. 

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