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World Basics


            There are 5 known main planes of existence or ‘dimensions’. These dimensions are Findargat, Techduinn, Annwn, Aequether, and Tirnanog. These are considered ‘main dimensions’ because they are limitless and not bound by space constraints. Any other dimension is considered a ‘lesser dimension’. Lesser dimensions do have limits on amount of space within them, and while this can be as much space as to hold a planet or as little space as to hold a pebble, they still have limits. (Server rpers: For the sake of allowing you to rp in places like the nether and the end, both of them will be considered lesser dimensions)



            This is the realm of the Gods, also known as the silver clouded plane. This realm is inaccessible by anyone except a God. It is thought to be a golden city on silver clouds.



            This is the realm of darkness, also known as the Void. This dimension is speculated to be used by the Gods as an area to do whatever they want without our dimension suffering any negative consequences. It is thought to be an endless expanse of darkness and nothingness.


            This is our dimension, also known as the over world.


            The plane that rests on the same ‘level’ as Annwn, but in reality is the plane between Annwn and Tirnanog. This plane is home to Lost Souls and Inferior Souls.


            This is the underworld, also known as the land of eternal youth. This dimension is where souls go after death. It is considered to be a temporary resting place for souls to enjoy the afterlife until they are ready to be reincarnated. No one is certain as to what it looks like, as no living thing is capable of returning; only the souls of the dead may pass freely between Tirnanog and Annwn (but unlike Lost Souls, the souls that visit Annwn from Tirnanog are incapable of interacting with the world and are incapable of being seen or heard – even Mirtisans and Demons can’t see, hear, feel, etc them without using magic targeted to contact the specific soul).


Annwn Time Period and Rules

Time Period Restrictions

            The technological/mechanical/etc advances will always be based upon that which was invented in 1300 AD and before it, unless otherwise specified below:

  • Full plate armor exists

  • There are very few limitations on types of architecture (just don’t make it look blatantly modern)

  • Clocks exist, but are a very new advancement, will be very rudimentary, and will be very rare and expensive. There won't be advances like clockwork golems or anything like that.

  • Glasses exist but they aren’t perfect, (they won’t look modern, aka they are very thick and have shoddy metal/wood frames) they may cause disorientation and vision may still be slightly blurry

  • Paper exists

  • Arabic numerals exist and are widely used

  • Buttons exist

  • Medical advances are up to modern times (this does not include any mechanical or technical advances – aka no medical machinery), as it is much easier to create medicine and test for diseases with the use of nature and life magic.

  • Longbows and crossbows exist

  • Combined arms tactics exist

  • Any instruments that don’t require electrical advancements exist (such as pianos, trumpets, and etc.)

  • With the help of magic, decently modern plumbing can exist, but it is extremely rare and you will likely only use Ancient Greek-level or Medieval Europe-level plumbing

  • Carriages have advanced in style and comfort up to the advancements of 1600 AD including suspension from chains, leather, and steel springs. 

  • Industry exists in *some* places. It is fairly rare, but can exist especially in Dwarven or Gnomish communities. The limits to this industry are that it must have magic involved somewhere in the process, machinery must be powered by man power, magic, or steam/smoke created by burning crystals and releasing their power, and robots of any kind can only exist as golems or Anathema (they must have an inferior or superior soul!). 

  • Airships exist, but are powered solely by magic!



            Guns and things like them do not exist, and thus can’t be used in public rp. These weapons were never invented because magic is much more practical and powerful as a weapon, so there was no need to try to invent anything. You cannot use magic guns; this detracts too much from the medieval atmosphere (I don’t know an irp (in roleplay) reason, if you really want a reason feel free to make one up).


Annwn Time and History

            Annwn has existed for much longer than the irl (in real life) modern world, but advances (particularly mechanical and technological advances) are at a complete halt. This is because magic is seen as much more promising. So, while everyone has focused on advancing magic, no one has bothered to look into mechanical and technological advances because these types of advances simply aren’t needed with the presence magic. Even without this slow down caused by the convenience of magic, with how many radically different races there are in Annwn, many, many wars have been fought over discrimination. Also, with the presence of magic amplifying bacteria and viruses, illnesses and plagues are much more common in Annwn than they are irl, and trying to stay healthy is a very big issue all though out Annwn.

            You are not allowed to ‘invent’ these advances, and thus you are not allowed to use them in public rp.

            Time in Annwn is expressed very differently for years. Their counting of time starts roughly 13,000 years ago with the creation of what is considered the first organized kingdom known as Alya. Annwn’s method of telling the years is kind of difficult. Basically, the years are separated into 1,000 year intervals which all have the names of Gods before them. These names will go in alphabetical order as the years progress (so every 1,000 years a new name is chosen, and that name will begin with the next letter in the alphabet). It should be noted that the ‘thousands’ place is never included when telling the year as it can be insinuated from the God’s name. For example, Bromios 852 is the year 2,852. Here are all of the God Years (as they are known) so far: Anubis, Bromios, Circe, Dagr, Enlil, Fujin, Gratiae, Hathor, Iounn, Jupiter, Khepri, Lakshmi, and Moira. The current God Year is Moira 008 aka 13,008. This method was created by the first interracial council known as the URA (United Races of Annwn) in Enlil 213.

            There are 5 notable events/ages of which any (even mildly) educated person in Annwn would know of:

  • The Fledgling War: The 5-year-long war that devastated the Human population roughly 500 years ago. There have been many, many wars in Annwn history, but this is the most recent war and it almost lead to the genocide of the entire Human race – thus it is the most well-known in current times.

  • The Dwarven Golden Age: A 100-year-long period of prosperity for Dwarves that occurred during the God Year Jupiter, and was marked by a large spike in the Dwarven population which lead to strives in weapon and architectural development, as well as the rise of many Dwarven cities.

  • The Dark Ages: A 500-year-long period, that started in the God Year Bromios and ended in the God Year Circe, during which magical plants and animals acted crazed and violent, and many cities suffered famines as the creatures would attack their crop supply seemingly without reason. This horrible time was eventually brought to an end after the dark energy crystal known as ‘Malkeshin’ was secluded in the area now known as the Wastelands.

  • The Famine of Lakshmi 690: A year-long famine not caused immediately by a lack of food, but by a horrible disease that caused insatiable, ravenous behavior that then lead to a lack of food all over Annwn. The disease eventually died out as it was a viral infection that after a swift and careful quarantine was able to be disposed of (though unfortunately that meant the people with the disease were disposed of as well).

           As for events that are not entirely well known, but are the most often studied by historical researchers: There existed an era after Ancient times but before the counting of the years by the URA's naming system. This era was known as "The Desolation".

  • The Desolation: This period of nearly one thousand years was marked by a complete halt to every artistic, literary, agricultural, and civil-related advancement. This was due to a crazed period of warring between civilizations, where only war-time advancements were cared about. Every single being on the plane of Annwn only cared about slaughtering anyone not considered "their own" during this time. Some crazed theorists considered this to be a curse causing the cutting down of the population by some greater world-ruling, secret organization that the theorists deemed "Tree-fellers" or "Fellers". Historians, on the other hand, while they have deduced it was indeed a curse, have been unable to tie it to any particular person or organization, and have mostly agreed amongst themselves that it was the work of the Gods. The curse itself was marked by a coloring of the areas around the mouth and eyes, (not only skin but fur and scales would become colored as well)(the color depended on the person, though the darker the color the more feral the person acted in response to certain triggers), and an extremely overprotective attitude towards their family and/or their civilization. Triggers included feeling threatened by anyone that they deemed not "their own", any show of aggression whether directed at the person's "own" or not, and being in the cursed person's "territory" uninvited.


Annwn’s Current Concerns

            There are many concerns that the people of Annwn have, and the prominence of each will depend on the specific culture, race, and region. But, below is provided a list of major concerns for everyone in Annwn. This list is provided to help with rp content such as ‘world affairs’ discussions.

  • Health: Disease and health topics are a constant concern for the people of Annwn. This is because getting sick can easily prove deadly due to lack of medical resource availability, poor living conditions, and etc. It is also a concern because of the recent famine of Lakshmi 690, where the disease that caused the famine was eradicated through the quarantine and slaughter of all those infected; a decree declared and carried out by the URA.

  • War:

  • The URA: The people of Annwn are constantly discussing the current affairs of the URA, including the current and future race representatives, any new decrees, and their support/distaste for the URA.

  • Adventuring Guilds: Annwn is a very dangerous place, and as such the demand for ‘adventurers’, people that make a job out of traveling around the world helping others, is very high. Due to this, adventuring guilds get a lot of attention, and the most popular guilds are often made the subject of admiration, gossip, and etc. The people of Annwn will also often talk about their concerns of the makeup, practices, and etc. of certain guilds since they put their lives in these guilds’ hands.



The URA or United Races of Annwn is a governmental body:

  • It is a governmental body that is separate from any country, city, or township.

  • The purpose of this council is to address ongoing issues for each race, update Common, and name the new God Year.

  • This council meets once every 100 years to update the language Common and address ongoing issues for each race. On every 1,000th year, their meeting is solely to decide the name of the new God Year. Only in dire circumstances will there be a meeting held on a date other than that of the centennial meetings (i.e. an immediate problem that affects most/all of the races).

  • Each meeting takes place over the course of several weeks.

  • A race’s (or subrace’s) membership in the URA is acknowledgment of their existence and place as a race in society.

    • Races currently in the URA are all main races except Galdurlifs, Lost Souls, and Half Breeds.

  • Members that attend the council are representatives elected by each race. How often a representative of a particular race is replaced depends upon that particular race’s customs and/or lifespan. Usually each race does a good job of electing a representative, but if there are political conflicts among a certain race, the other council members will choose a person of that race at random.

  • The first meeting of the URA began on October 1st Enlil 213. The meeting lasted 3 years. During this meeting:

    • The God Year system was created, and the current year and previous years were named.

    • The terms and etcetera of the Common language were decided upon and Common was made the official language of the world.

    • A common currency system for the world was attempted to be put in place but due to the many arguments resulting from many political leanings, it was ruled out as an option.

  • The URA council building is located inside a lesser dimension that can be accessed through a portal in the Unity Temple (location of this temple is currently not common knowledge).

  • If there is ever an event held for a council meeting, staff will select 3 random players of each race, and allow other players to vote on the forum for which they would rather have attend the council meeting.

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