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            Angels are a race of humanoids that have large wings on their backs.

Physical Attributes



            Angels are similar to Humans, but they have large wings and pointed ears. Angels have the same hair, eye, body, and skin possibilities as Humans.


          All Fae races have silver colored blood (similar in color and texture to mercury).


          All Fae races have pointed ears. Angels have ears that are pointed and long like a High Elf’s, but they point up instead of back.


            Angels have large feathered wings that can be either black or white. If an Angel’s wings are cut off, they will grow back over the period of 1 year.


            Angels are immortal in the fact that they can’t die from aging (but they can die from wounds and illnesses). Angels age normally until they reach the age of 12, after which they age one year every 100 years. They stop aging completely at 7012 which is the Angel equivalent of 70 years old in Humans.


            Angels are believed to be one of the first races. Due to this and their obsession with being ‘pure’, people began to think of them as messengers of the Gods. This of course is not true, but that didn’t stop the Angels from basking in the limelight, and going along with the rumor. Eventually it was disproven, but by that time most Angels had developed a superiority complex. This even went so far as to lead to a slave culture where they enslaved Harpies which they believed to be ‘lesser beings’. Even now, despite the urgings from political leaders and races all over Annwn, the Angels still maintain the Harpy slave trade.

            It should be noted that not all Angels are arrogant and bad, as some take their job of watching over another being very seriously. In these rare cases, the Angel will be very kind hearted and gentle.

Angels and Demons?

            Angels and Demons have a long running feud. Angels tend to hate Demons because they believe in the horrible rumors about them, and feel they are creatures of pure evil. Demons tend to hate Angels because Angels are one of the main reasons the ‘evil’ stereotype around Demons still persists. Angels also tend to become ‘Demon Hunters’ which results in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Demons, thus making the feud even worse.





            Angels have no established religion as they believe themselves to be of such high power and importance that deities can’t possibly exist to rival their ‘greatness’.


            Angels have an average family unit of 2 people; as Angels can only give birth once every 500 years.


            Angels have many traditions, all of which surround their ‘superiority’. One such tradition is that although the Angels find themselves to be the highest of beings, they also consider it blasphemy to not prove they are worthy of such a title. In order to do so, when an Angel turns 300 and every 300 years after that, they must choose a being that they will watch over for the entirety of that being’s life. They do this by using their ability to turn invisible. Angels consider this their ‘job’, and while some consider it a nuisance, others take it very seriously. Most Angels choose Humans or other short-lived races as they will have more time to be free after the being dies. But, if the being dies by the Angel’s hand or by something the Angel put into motion, the Angel will be hunted down by the Council of Angels and have their wings chained shut with burning chains, dooming them to a life of flightless misery and pain.




            Angels have the ability to turn invisible, and they have innate white magic abilities.

Preferred Fighting Style

            Preferred fighting style depends upon the individual.


            Angels are weak to black magic.



            All Angel names are in Enochian, the language of the Angels. Here are some references to use:

Male Examples:

            Acuca, Baradiel, Cms, Diom, Exr

Female Examples:

            Avna, Bataiva, Camael, Diamari, Eac

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