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            Dwarves are strong mountain people that dwell underground.

Physical Attributes


            Dwarves are essentially smaller, rougher Humans in appearance.


            Dwarves have especially thick skin, making it difficult to wound them with sharp or pointed weapons.  Dwarves have the same skin color possibilities as Humans.


            Dwarves have the same eye color possibilities as Humans.


            Dwarves typically have much longer, thicker hair compared to other races. Curly and wavy hair are the most common hair types among Dwarves.



            Dwarves have an average height of 4’0” – 5’0”.

            Dwarves are naturally heavy despite their height, making their average weight 110 – 190 lbs.



            Dwarves have a maximum lifespan of 400 years.




            Dwarves share a common ancestor with Humans that evolved separately due to their early seclusion underground.

            Most Dwarves live inside the city of Groorbeginn. It was not the first nor the largest Dwarf city, but it is the last remaining one from the Dwarven Golden Age. The Dwarven Golden Age occurred roughly 3,000 years ago and was marked by a large spike in the Dwarven population which lead to strives in weapon and architectural development. Unfortunately, Dragons from the Wasteland began to invade Dwarven territory in order to take their riches. Eventually the Dragons were hunted and pushed back into the Wasteland by multiple races’ armies, but not before dramatically reducing the Dwarven population.

            The few Dwarves that live outside of the city, tend to stick closer to Human civilizations.

            It should be known that Elves and Dwarves (except Mountain Elves) share a similar distaste for each other. Due to this, many Elves spread a nasty rumor that female Dwarves have beards just like male Dwarves. This of course is not true, but many Elves continue to perpetuate this rumor and will often poke fun at any female Dwarves they meet by mentioning this.





            Dwarves tend to worship The Goddess of the Earth who they call Terra because they believe that she provides them with the bountiful ores which they mine, trade, and use.



            Dwarves have an average family unit of 12 as large families are preferred in Dwarven society. Dwarves may also consider close friends their family, and often the lines of friend and family blur so much that no one can remember if they were ever actually related or not. Dwarven families also live very close together, typically with all of the family members sleeping in the same room.

Dwarves outside of the City of Groorbeginn will often ‘adopt’ a Human family. This usually happens because Dwarves long outlive their Human friends, so instead when they make a Human friend, they will befriend their entire family as well.


            Dwarves have quite a few traditions. The first is that those that leave the City of Groorbeginn in order to live elsewhere must accomplish a heroic deed and bring back a worthy tribute in order to be let back into the city. If they do not do this and enter the city anyway, they will be forced to stand trial for treason against the city. The second is that a Dwarf’s loyalty is taken very seriously; if a Dwarf breaks a simple swear/promise they may face three months of imprisonment or the loss of a limb, if a Dwarf breaks a Family name swear/promise (where the Dwarf swears on their last name that they will not break the promise), then their family must disown them and the Dwarf must never see them again, and if a Dwarf breaks a God/Life swear/promise (where a Dwarf swears on either their life or a God that they will not break the promise) they must take their own life or be hunted down by those who will take it for them. The third is that Elves (except for Mountain Elves) are never to be trusted, as Dwarves find them to be incapable of loyalty or trustworthiness.





            All Dwarves are born with Earth Sense, and about 25% are born with innate earth magic abilities.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Dwarves typically prefer melee fighting.



            Dwarves are incapable of swimming (or even learning to swim) as they will sink like a rock in water.



            Dwarves have Dwarvish or Norwegian names. References to use:

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