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            Ekek are bird people of the sky islands of Ekes, an island chain entirely consisting of floating islands.

Physical Attributes


            Ekek are beings that are part bird and part Human.



            Ekek have the same skin possibilities as Humans.



            Ekek have the same eye color possibilities as birds.



            Ekek have the same feather possibilities as birds.



            Ekek are beings with the body of a Human and the head, neck, and wings of a bird. Ekek are only part human part flying bird (no flightless birds like penguins or ostriches).



            Ekek have the same lifespan as Humans.




            Ekek evolved as the product of a spell. Thousands of years ago, a tribe of Humans that lived on the floating islands of Ekes suffered a famine as traders that supplied most of their food, stopped visiting the floating islands due to the great costs required to travel to the floating islands. With no colossal animals or enough magic ability to create a colossal animal, the tribe was stranded on the islands. But, determined to not let themselves starve, the tribe agreed to look to a famous shaman for answers. The shaman told them the most he could do is make them able to fly, but that the effects would permanently disfigure them. Reluctantly, they agreed, knowing that if they refused they would surely starve to death. The result was the Ekek.

            One small thing to note is that in their travels immediately after becoming Ekek, the Ekek encountered early Desert Elves. The Desert Elves mistook the Ekek for Gods. The Ekek did not correct them and will still brag about it today, as they believe that the Desert Elves still worship them. This is not true, however, as the Desert Elves stopped worshipping them about 1,000 years ago. But, if anyone tries to tell an Ekek this, they will take it as an extreme offense and an invitation to fight.

            The Ekek are still tribal, but a bit more advanced than other tribal cultures. They are a fierce and territorial people that do not do well with outsiders. It is rare to see an Ekek off of the sky islands of Ekes that isn’t a trader about to head back home. But, those that do live outside of it are most likely warriors.





            Considering themselves to be better versions of Humans, Ekek worship the God of Mankind who they call Enki.



            Ekek have an average family unit of 5 people, as 4 children is considered the desirable number.



            Ekek have one main tradition. This tradition is a holiday called the “Celebration of the Change”. On this holiday, which takes place on December 3rd, the Ekek will hold a festival to remember and celebrate the change of their people from Human to Ekek all those thousands of years ago. The festival includes large prayer circles, feasting, dancing, hammer and log throwing competitions, and etc.





            Ekek are not innately magical.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Ekek typically prefer distance fighting with heavy throwing weapons.



            Ekek, like Humans, have less resistance to magic.



            Ekek have Human names.

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