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           An ancient race of Plant-like humanoids. THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.

Physical Attributes



           Galdurlifs are Fae beings that are made entirely of plant life, but that can shapeshift into any other humanoid form.



           Every part of a Galdurlif is plant life except for the eyes.



           All Fae races have silver colored blood (similar in color and texture to mercury).


           All Fae races have pointed ears, but Galdurlifs can have any type of pointed ears. The type they have is based on genetics.



            Any eye color is possible for a Galdurlif.



           Galdurlifs can be anywhere from 1 inch tall to 30 feet tall, but the most common size is between 4’0” and 10’0”. Height is based on genetics and/or physical limitations (ie: two 1 in Galdurlif parents can’t give birth to a 5 ft Galdurlif child, and in most cases children will be the same general size as their parents). A Galdurlif’s true form size doesn’t impact their shifted form.



           The maximum lifespan of a Galdurlif is 2000 years old.



           Galdurlifs were originally heralded as “Guardians of the Earth” as their powerful life magic and tendency to dwell away from cities and villages made them appear as though they were protectors of the wildlife. Long ago the Galdurlifs were innumerable and it was said that one was hiding behind every blade of grass. But, as people became more aware of their powers over life, people became afraid of them and they were hunted almost to extinction. Currently there are only roughly a thousand of these beings still alive.

The Galdurlifs that remain are only this way due to their ability to morph into a humanoid form of another race. They may only change their race once every 24 hours and their appearance is random and not up to them; this means that when a Galdurlif shapeshifts, they will never have the same form twice (except for their true form). Due to this, many Galdurlifs will find an appearance they like best and will keep that appearance for the rest of their lives. The only thing that shows their true form is a single, small flower located somewhere on their body that is the color of their eyes (this means it will be the color of the eyes of their shifted form) (they do not get to choose where the flower is). But, given that they have been known to be extinct for so long, people usually think nothing of the flower. If this flower is pulled on, their disguise unravels. If a Galdurlif returns to their original form (either by choice or by having their flower pulled on), they will be unable to shapeshift again for 24 hours. Galdurlifs will retain the appearance of their shifted form if they return to their true form (aka if they shift back into the same race that they were before they returned to their true form, that race will have the same appearance they did before).

           Galdurlifs must choose an area to preside over by the time they turn 500. When they choose this area, they will take a piece of themselves, and plant it in the area. This binds them to the location, and means that they can sense everything that happens in the area. The distance of this ‘area’ is chosen by the Galdurlif themselves, but the maximum radius is 600 miles. A Galdurlif is incapable of choosing multiple areas. If a Galdurlif does not choose an area by the time they turn 500 or if they leave the chosen area for more than a year, their body will begin to rot. Some Galdurlifs that enjoy traveling are capable of avoiding this rotting by returning to the area for a period of at least 4 full days. After 4 days, the ‘clock’ is reset and they are allowed to leave as long as they come back before it has been one year’s time. No matter how far away a Galdurlif is, they can always sense what is happening in their area.




            Galdurlifs worship the God of Fate known to them and in common as Shai. They take their beliefs very seriously, and they are likely the most devout and consistent race when it comes to their religion. This likely comes from the fact that Galdurlifs have life energy powers, and if they choose to do so, they can take or restore the life of a being. This is an extremely burdensome ability, and their religion ensures that they only take or give life to beings that are marked by the God himself. If they decide to take or give life outside of those marked, their bodies are negatively affected. For example, if a Galdurlif gives life to an unmarked deer that is dying from a severed leg, the Galdurlifs leg will then in turn begin to rot away.



           Galdurlifs value family to the extremes, and if given the opportunity, they would likely never leave their families’ sides. Unfortunately, though, it is very unlikely that a Galdurlif family can exist for long, as children have a hard time maintaining their disguise, and will often give away the Galdurlifs’ existence. To avoid this, Galdurlifs send their children away to safe houses located across Annwn, where they remain until they learn to control their outward form. In some cases, the parent Galdurlifs go with their children, but for the most part, they stay behind to uphold their currents lives/livelihoods so that their children have something to come back to.



            Other than upholding the beliefs of their religion, Galdurlifs have only one true tradition. This tradition began as simply a tradition of belief, but after thousands of years, it evolved into a tradition of necessity. This tradition entails that a Galdurlif must choose an area to preside over (to watch after the lives within it) by the time they reach 500 years of age.   





            Life magic abilities and control over all plant life.

            Galdurlifs are capable of sensing all life within a 100-foot radius around them – even if they are outside of their area. This sense is not a trait in that only Galdurlifs are capable of having it. This sense is also not like Earth Sense in that the Galdurlif does not need to be touching the ground, and they can sense life in the air around them as well.  

Preferred Fighting Style

            Galdurlifs do not fight, and will avoid confrontation at all times. The only exception would be to protect someone else, and they would do so by using the plant life around them. Galdurlifs that are evil or misuse their power are forever unable to use life magic.


           If too much of a Galdurlif’s mana is drained or they are exposed to too much heat, their disguise begins to wither. Galdurlifs are also very selfless and may choose to die rather than to hurt someone.



            Galdurlif birth names are the names of plants, but they will choose a fitting name for whichever humanoid form they choose.

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