How to get Heads

Mob Heads

     Mob heads can be gained through killing mobs. Every time you kill a mob, you have a chance to get their head!

Decoration Heads

     Decoration heads are earned through participating in roleplay with a staff member, or participating in events. 

Food Heads

     Food heads are earned through roleplay. This can be any roleplay with anyone that follows these guidelines:

  • There are at least 2 participants (no alt accounts!)

  • There are at least 15 messages/responses.

  • The end of the roleplay must have a logical conclusion/can't be abrupt.

  • Server rules must be followed.

  • If it is a server rp, you must record your screen, send screenshots of the entire rp, or copy and paste the rp from your 'minecraft game output' log. If you don't know how to do any of these, just message a staff member.

     If you are incapable of submitting proof of roleplay, you can also gain food heads by roleplaying with a staff member.