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           Humans are the oldest race, and while they are one of the only races that are not magically inclined, their scientific and alchemic advances make them worthy adversaries or team members.




           Humans have a very diverse culture as they populate every continent on Annwn. Most Humans tend to spread out among the races, but there are two exclusively Human cities. These cities are occupied by those Humans that were either afraid of the other races or thought themselves to be above other races. The existence of these cities is not simply out of nonsensical opinions, but it is due to the Fledgling War that occurred between Humans and Vampires roughly 500 years ago. This war occurred due to a sudden, unprecedented rise in the Vampire population. The resulting vast number of unsupervised fledglings meant extreme, uncontrolled bloodshed, and as Vampires can only drink Human blood, the Human population massively decreased. The war went on for 5 years, but in that time the uncontrolled fledglings reduced the Human population from 4 billion to a mere 30,000. The bloodshed was eventually stopped, though, by a Vampire named Toucal who ascended to the throne of the City of Ignir (and who all Vampires acknowledge as the King of Vampires), and announced bounty on all uncontrolled fledgling heads.

           Humans have repopulated since the incident, reaching roughly 2 billion people, but it is unlikely that they will ever have the numbers they had before the war.





            Human religion varies greatly, and there is no one singular religion that a majority of them follow.



           Human family units consist of only parents and children; making the average household occupancy four.



            Most Human traditions depend on the individual’s location and religion, but one tradition is present throughout the entire Human species. This tradition is called “The Scarring”. It occurs when the child reaches adulthood (varies depending on individual culture), and is considered a right of coming of age. The Scarring involves a family member, priest, or etc. using a burning blade to scar a symbol of the individual’s choice into a chosen point on the body. This tradition originally came about during the Fledgling War, and was a way to show other Humans that they were not Vampires. This was a necessity because nearing the end of the Fledgling War, Fledglings tried to blend in with Humans in order to better hide their killings. This meant that Humans could never be sure whether or not they were in danger. So, they began to mark their bodies to prove their species. This scarring continued after the war ended, however, as the marks became a symbol of pride in the Human race.





            Humans are typically not innately magical.

Preferred Fighting Style

            Humans’ preferred fighting style depends on the individual.


            Humans have less resistance to magic.

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