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            Inklings are beings from The Void that crossed over into our dimension to study. THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.


Physical Attributes



            Inklings are beings made of void or tangible darkness.



            Inklings have skin that is the color of looking into a pitch black cavern, so they have no distinguishable skin features.



            Inklings have glowing eyes, and can have any eye color. Their eyes are the only part of them that are distinguishable against their pitch black skin.



            Inklings will have the hair style of the being they copied, but their hair will also be pitch black and difficult to look at.



            Inklings are difficult to look at due to their void-like appearance, so they typically cover every inch of themselves in clothes. In order for Inklings to come into our dimension, they must pick a suitable form; typically, they will choose the form of the first humanoid they see, but there have been some that have chosen the form of an animal or object. Once an Inkling chooses their form, they can never change it.

Inklings do not need to eat or drink to survive, and they typically won't do so as they have no way to process the food, meaning that any food they eat must be immediately spat back out. Inklings gain energy through their connection to the void, which supplies them with endless amounts of it. This connection to the void is also what prevents them from being able to die in our dimension.

           Inklings do not have genders.



            Inklings can’t die in our dimension, and are ageless.




            There are 5 known main dimensions (aka planes of existence); Findargat (also known as the silver clouded plane or the realm of the Gods), Techduinn (also known as the realm of darkness or the Void), Annwn (also known as the over world aka our dimension), Aequether (also known as the lost soul dimension), and Tirnanog (also known as the land of eternal youth or the underworld). Inklings are from Techduinn, which is a realm of darkness and nothingness, is suspected to be used as a ‘playground’ for the Gods where they can create and destroy whatever they like without any repercussions. Inklings are suspected to have been created to serve the Gods in this dimension. It is also speculated that the Inklings that are in Annwn are those that escaped from Techduinn because their desire to learn about the plane of Annwn was so strong that it caused them to cross over into it.

            Inklings are often thought of as savage and horrible. This is because they are not bound by normal laws of morality (no one taught them any morals). Due to this, Inklings tend to be like children, as they must be taught what is right and wrong. Those that aren’t taught, will typically have no understanding of the value of life, the permanence of death, the concept of ‘gore’ or ‘gross’, the meaning of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, and etc. This usually leads to many Inklings becoming skilled assassins or serial killers, as they have no moral compass and plenty of means to take another’s life. All of this means that people are generally terrified of Inklings, and that many, many horror stories were created surrounding their existence. This reputation is another reason Inklings try to cover themselves in clothing, so as to be able to study the people of Annwn without the people running away from them or trying to attack them.



            Inklings tend to adopt the culture and traditions of the beings they choose to study or associate themselves with.



           Inklings are typically solitary creatures, but they are capable of having families with other races (there are no families of Inklings).





            Inklings are able to mimic the powers of whatever being whose form they copied.

            Inklings are able to learn extremely fast, they can master any skill with only 2 weeks of studying; but most tend to stick to 1 or 2 that they become obsessed with.

            Inklings bleed a thick black ooze that resembles ink. If Inkling blood touches another race’s skin, it will bubble and burn, temporarily incapacitating the victim, but it will not leave any permanent damage. Due to this unique property, Inklings will often use their blood as a weapon in dire circumstances as they are able to bleed from any part of their body at will (without cutting or damaging their skin to do so). It is also why they are called ‘Inklings’.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Inklings will typically have the fighting style of the being whose form they copied.



            Inklings are incapable of dying in our dimension, but if they are mortally wounded or sustain enough damage, they will vanish into a puddle of blood (their ink-like blood) and return to Techduinn. When this happens, any clothes or items they had will drop to the ground. If an Inkling returns to Techduinn, the only way for them to return is to escape again, and this can take anywhere from a few hours to hundreds of years.



            Inklings will usually take the name of the first object/animal/being that they see when they enter Annwn.


            Apple, Bear, Corpse, Desk, Ear, Frog, Galdurlif, Hat, Ice, Janice, Kettle, Lemon, Meadow, Nickel, Ox, Pot,

Quilt, Rachel, Sword, Tower, Ulex, Viking, Water, Xanthorhiza, Yellow, Zebra

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