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            Vampires are humanoids that drink the blood of Humans.


Physical Attributes



            Vampires are almost identical to Humans except for a few small differences.



            Vampires have very pale skin; and while most are white, darker colors are possible, they will just be paler than whatever the normal Human skin color is. Vampires also can’t be scarred as their skin heals most wounds in the span of 20 seconds.



            Pure blood Vampires always have red eyes, while turned Vampires have the same eye color they had before they were turned (Human eye colors) that turn red when the Vampire smells blood.



            Pure blood Vampires have white hair, while turned Vampires have the same hair color they had before they were turned (Human hair colors).


            Vampires are almost identical in appearance to Humans except for some small differences. Vampires are also much stronger and faster than Humans. Pureblood Vampires are more powerful than turned Vampires. Vampires can shapeshift into bats.

            Born Vampires (both pure blood Vampires and those born with Vampire ancestry) have longer, sharper upper canine teeth that allow them to easily bite into victims. These teeth are capable of being retracted/extended at will. Turned Vampires do not have these teeth, so typically they will sharpen their teeth or simply carry around a few daggers to assist in drinking the blood of victims (obviously those that don’t drink from Humans wouldn’t do this).



            Vampires are immortal in that they do not age (they can die from specific wounds or illnesses though). Born Vampires age normally until they reach 21 years of age, after which the aging process stops. Turned Vampires stop aging once they are turned.




            Vampires do not have a known origin, though rumors say that were created by The God of Darkness. The oldest known Vampire is known as the rightful King of the throne of Reitart and the City of Ignir, but he gave up the throne about 10,000 years ago to go on an adventure from which he never returned. He is not dead, though, as his Wyvern familiar (who is blood-bound to him and will only die when he dies) is still alive and well, walking around the castle.

            Vampires stayed out of trouble and out of the public eye for many thousands of years until the Fledgling War that occurred between Humans and Vampires roughly 500 years ago. This war occurred due to a sudden, unprecedented rise in the Vampire population. The resulting vast number of unsupervised fledglings meant extreme, uncontrolled bloodshed, and as Vampires could only drink Human blood, the Human population massively decreased. The war went on for 5 years, but in that time the uncontrolled fledglings reduced the Human population to a mere 30,000. The bloodshed was eventually stopped, though, by a Vampire named Toucal who ascended to the throne of the City of Ignir (and who all Vampires acknowledge as the King of Vampires), and announced a bounty on all uncontrolled fledgling heads. King Toucal also had the Vampire Mages of the city create an elixir that would provide the same sustenance and taste as Human blood. They were successful, and to this day most Vampires no longer drink Human blood, but there are still some who are extremely traditional and refuse to drink anything but Human blood.  


How to Kill a Vampire?

            A Vampire can only be killed by piercing their heart/cutting their head off with a golden sword blessed by a priest/priestess of the Goddess of the Sun. Wounding a Vampire with the sword described in areas other than the ones specified will only slow down the Vampire and cause their healing to take 60 seconds instead of 20.

            Garlic does not harm a Vampire, but simply gives them a stuffy nose and causes them to sneeze.             They are not harmed by any other weapons other than what is specified. Water, fire, and ice do not affect them.

            Holy ground, symbols, or etc do not affect them unless they are of the Sun Goddess. If they are of the Sun Goddess and the Vampire touches them, the Vampire’s skin will be covered in very painful hives and will be unable to move their body.

            If a Vampire goes more than a month without feeding, they will not die but their body will shrivel up, rendering them immobile until they feed again.

            Lack of air, loss of blood, poison, werewolf bites or scratches, and the blood of a corpse do not harm them in any way.

            If a Vampire has something cut off or ripped out, the area will not begin healing until it is placed back onto/into the correct area. The area will begin healing without the body part after 24 hours in which case there will be a shriveled scar over where the body part once was. This doesn't apply to the head, though, as the body will never begin to heal until the head is placed back upon the neck. If a Vampire does get their head cut off, they will simply lose consciousness until the head is reattached. 

            The only illness that can kill a Vampire is “fang decay” (this only applies to born vampires) where the gums of the fangs get infected from the Vampire feeding on animal/other races’ blood. If not treated, the fangs will eventually fall out and the infection will continue to grow until it reaches the brain and kills them.

            Vampires do not turn to ash when their skin is in direct contact with the sun’s rays, but rather it does hurt them. Typically, a Vampire must cover every inch of skin before going out into the sun or else they will experience moderate pain, get a very uncomfortable rash on the exposed area, and become very lethargic.

            Drinking the blood of another Vampire won’t kill them, but it will make them throw up and have flu-like symptoms for a few days .


How to Become a Vampire?

          To be a Vampire you must either be born as one or be a Human that was turned into one. Currently only Humans can be turned (but there are Vampires who are researching how to expand this limitation so that other races can be turned as well). The tradition of turning a Human entails having the Human drink the blood of a Vampire and then a triangle is carved into their heads (this part is more of a ritual/tradition, any wound will do); if the mark heals then the Human has successfully been turned, if it does not, the Human is being consumed from the inside out by the blood. Vampire blood only has the ability to turn (or kill) a Human if it is outside of the Vampire’s veins for 1 hour or less, after this, it becomes useless.

Vampires and Werewolves?

            There is a common misconception that Vampires and Werewolves are in a centuries old feud. Though no one really knows how this rumor started, some evidence shows that it may be due to a story about such a feud that was written a few thousand years ago, but just recently resurfaced about 800 years ago. It wasn’t very popular even after resurfacing, but apparently the story from the book got around, and now there are many people that believe the fictional feud is fact. This simply isn’t true, but somehow the rumor still persists. The rumor is so popular, in fact, that inside the many occults that have developed and donned themselves ‘Vampire Devotees’ or ‘Werewolf Devotees’, members from the opposing groups will treat each other and the opposing race horribly. It’s quite the spectacle.





            Traditional and evil Vampires tend to worship the God of Darkness who they know as Erebus. Other Vampires tend to worship the Moon Goddess who they call Moira (which is also her name in Common); as the moon’s light doesn’t harm them.



            Vampires have an average family unit of 3 people.  



            Traditional Vampires have a tradition that when a born Vampire turns 21, they be required to go out for 24 hours and hunt their first Human on their own. If successful, they will bring home the corpse to share its blood with the family. If they are unsuccessful, however, they must never return home or else they will be killed on sight, as failure to hunt is considered unacceptable to purebloods.

            Other Vampires, on the other hand, have a tradition where when a born Vampire turns 21 or when a turned Vampire has been a Vampire for 1 year, they are taught to make their own blood elixirs. This is so that the Vampire knows how to take care of themselves so they don’t need to turn to hunting.





            Vampires have super strength and super speed, but aren’t innately magical. 

            Vampires can shapeshift into bats.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Vampire fighting styles depend upon the individual.



            Vampires are weak to the sun’s rays, lack of feeding, animal/other races’/another Vampire’s blood, and golden swords blessed by a priest/priestess of the Sun Goddess.



            Vampires have Human names, though Romanian names are the most popular among purebloods; Reference to use:

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