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            Pureblood Werewolves are essentially cursed Humans that can shapeshift into wolves.

            Darkblood Werewolves are essentially cursed members of any race that are forced by the curse to shapeshift into wolves during full moons.


Physical Attributes



            Pureblood Werewolves are Human normally, but can shapeshift into wolves at will or involuntarily while under extreme stress or pressure. A pureblood Werewolf’s wolf form is 2-3 times bigger than a normal wolf and can have any color of fur/skin/eyes.

            Darkblood Werewolves are a member of their original race (any race is possible) normally, but shapeshift into wolves only during full moons. A darkblood Werewolf’s wolf form is 1.2-1.8 times bigger than a normal wolf and can have any color of fur/skin/eyes.



            Pureblood Werewolves live longer than Humans; their maximum lifespan is 500 years.

            Darkblood Werewolves have the same lifespan they did before the curse was passed on to them.




            There are two types of werewolves; purebloods and darkbloods.

            Purebloods are the “original” werewolves both in History and in how they are treated by the pack. Purebloods originated from a curse. Thousands of years ago, a spiteful mage put a curse on a Human village that caused all of their firstborn children for 100 years to be werewolves. Purebloods normally have control over their shapeshifting, but under the pressure and stress from birth they involuntarily shift and are born in their wolf form. Many mothers were horrified and afraid that they would be accused of bestiality and executed. As a result, many mothers abandoned their children to die. A few mothers did not let the appearance of their babies stop them from caring for them, however, and when their children were grown they were able to rescue others like themselves. For the entire 100 years that the curse ran its course, every time a mother abandoned their werewolf child, the pack that had formed took them away to care for and raise them. In fact, it even became a tradition that if a mother bore a wolf child, she would be expected to offer it up to the pack. The curse eventually ended on that village, but it continued in other places, as other mages were able to replicate the curse on a smaller level (typically one or two mothers every 100 years). So, while it is still possible to be born a pureblood of a Human mother, it is very rare. The only other way to be a pureblood, is to be born of two pureblood parents.

            Darkbloods, on the other hand, make up the majority of the Werewolf population. These Werewolves were created by a pureblood or another darkblood passing on the curse to a member of any other race. To pass on the curse, a Werewolf must bite the victim under a full moon. If the victim survives the bite (the curse will sometimes reject the victim and simply kill them instead), they will become a werewolf. Darkbloods do not have the ability to control when they shapeshift into their wolf forms, but they can be taught by a pureblood to control their actions while in their wolf form. If a darkblood is not taught to control their wolf form, they will kill any living thing in sight without being able to control themselves; what makes this even worse is that the darkblood is fully conscious, but not able to stop themselves during this. The only other way to be a darkblood, is to be born of at least one parent that is a werewolf (this can mean one member of another race and a pureblood/darkblood, a darkblood and a pureblood, or two darkbloods). But, these children are typically frowned upon as they have even less control over their wolf form, and may shift at random times not dependent upon the presence of a full moon; making them extremely difficult to control and raise. Due to this, many packs prohibit darkbloods from breeding, some even going so far as to sterilize all darkbloods in the pack.


Vampires and Werewolves?

            There is a common misconception that Vampires and Werewolves are in a centuries old feud. Though no one really knows how this rumor started, some evidence shows that it may be due to a story about such a feud that was written a few thousand years ago, but just recently resurfaced about 800 years ago. It wasn’t very popular even after resurfacing, but apparently the story from the book got around, and now there are many people that believe the feud is fact. This simply isn’t true, but somehow the rumor still persists. The rumor is so popular, in fact, that inside the many occults  that have developed and donned themselves ‘Vampire lovers’ or ‘Werewolf lovers’, members from the opposing groups will treat each other and the opposing race horribly. Its quite the spectacle, really.





            Werewolves are often thought of as “warriors of the Sun Goddess” as it is a tradition among purebloods to worship the Sun Goddess. This is likely because of the many darkbloods who came to hate their forced transformations by the full Moon, that turn to worshiping the Sun.



            A Werewolf’s family is the pack. The average Werewolf pack size is 300 people.



The Pack

            For most werewolves, the pack is life; everything they do is in accordance with pack laws. Laws vary from pack to pack, but there are two laws that remain the same no matter the type of pack. The first is that only a pureblood can be the leader of the pack. This rule started as more of a way of keeping the pack protected (as purebloods are much larger and stronger than darkbloods), but as time went on it became more of a social requirement. If it is found that a darkblood is forming or has formed a pack, then it is socially acceptable for there to be a bounty placed on the leader darkblood’s head. Whichever pureblood kills the leader darkblood first, is awarded all the members of the dead darkblood’s pack. The second law is that the pack leader’s word is law, and anyone that does not follow it will be killed by the pack.



            Holidays also vary between packs, but there is one known as “Dead Man’s Hunt” which typically is held on the last full moon of Spring. On this night, the darkbloods that have been werewolves for one year and the purebloods that turned 18 the previous year, are sent out to hunt for a specific type of animal. Every Werewolf has their animal randomly selected. The purpose of this holiday is to prove that the werewolves are in charge of their wolf forms. If a darkblood fails to bring back the correct animal, they have their throats ripped out; but if a pureblood fails to bring back the correct animal, they are simply scolded and must redo the challenge the following year. If a pureblood fails the challenge more than 5 times, they are banished from the pack.



            There are a few rules for darkbloods.

1. When a darkblood is cursed and becomes a Werewolf, the one that cursed them has a responsibility to train them for “Dead Man’s Hunt”. If the darkblood fails the hunt, they and the one that cursed them are killed.

2. When a darkblood is cursed, they must abandon their old life and join the pack. If they try to resist or curse other members of their old family in order to be with them, they are killed.

3. Darkbloods are allowed to be killed on sight if they attack a pureblood.



            Werewolves have an extreme aversion to Pulichi. They view Pulichi as disgusting mistakes, and rumor among the Werewolf communities is that Pulichi were the result of a Werewolf incorrectly shapeshifting and becoming a half man half wolf monster instead. This rumor is of course not true.





            Purebloods are 10 times stronger and faster than wolves while in their wolf form.

            Darkblood are 5 times stronger and faster than wolves while in their wolf form.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Werewolves typically prefer melee combat as they value pride, and typically view long distance fighters to be the result of cowardice.



            Werewolves can only be killed by silver weapons that have been blessed by a priestess of the Moon Goddess or silver weapons that have been bathed in ceremonial water which is made from Asphodel Tulips (which can only be obtained from blessed Moon Goddess temples and cities) and water that has been exposed to the full moon for 3 hours.



            Purebloods have Human names (though Elizabethan-style English names are the most common; reference to use: ), and darkbloods have the names they had before they were cursed.

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