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Apr 29

You don't have to use this form, but feel free to use it to have something to start from! Basics Name: Age: Race: Place of birth: Current location: Occupation: Appearance Eyes: Hair: Height: Skin: Bo
Jun 16

Basics Name: Blaidd Esgyrn Age: 297 Race: Werewolf Place of birth: Small village in Rapal, abandoned many years ago Current location: Hunting Lodge named "The Wolf's Den", located in the Aethos wilder
May 2

Astaroth Yellowfield The Blood Paladin General Information Full Name: Astaroth Yellowfield. Title (s): None Nickname/Aliases: - Important Information Age: 25 Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Phy
Jun 16

Name: Talia Maylas Race: Ragnochi Age: 36 ***: Female Languages: Common Height: 8'2 Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Silky white and long, often tied into a low ponytail. Skin: Dark gray Chitin: Metallic blue,
May 3

Basics Name: Xuag Verthag Age: 74 Race: Lowland Orc Place of birth: Unknown. Part of a nomadic tribe of pillaging,raiding orcs that would jump from one conquest to the next in search of their next
May 1

Basics Name: Belt Age: ~ageless Race: Inkling Place of birth: Techduinn Current location: Rekkant, Aethos Occupation: Poisons Seller Appearance Eyes: orange Hair: none Height: 1ft Skin: void Body Typ
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