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Astaroth Yellowfield, The Blood Paladin.



Astaroth Yellowfield



The Blood Paladin





General Information


Full Name: Astaroth Yellowfield.

Title (s): None

Nickname/Aliases: -

Important Information

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical Disabilities: None

Jewelry/Accessories: None

Pets/Companions: None


Physical Attributes



Stocky, Muscled, the guy’s ripped


2. 57m


Very heavy


A low, raspy voice, he has a soft hissing when pronouncing the s but it’s not exaggerated




Black Scales



Distinguishing Features

Spiked features like his maw

General Appearance

Astaroth is a black-scaled behemoth of a Wynorm. Standing about 2.57 meters tall, he has a very muscled build, broad shoulders, wingless. He has golden eyes and a very imposing figure, accented by the spikes in his face. He has dark ash colored horns and white teeth. He has a big and beefy tail, which is versatile enough to wrap around things.

Dress Code

Astaroth dresses in simple, dark clothes. He wears a chainmail with short sleeves and his arms are oddly exposed for an otherwise warrior-like build and look. he wears a pair of specially made boots for his feet, and he doesn’t wear much jewelry aside from a single, faded silver ring on his ring finger.


Not the most Hygienic individual, but keeps himself clean enough to not be disgusting.







Forsaken Magic

Astaroth was born with the gift of forsaken magic in its most powerful state, able to, if trained, cast very powerful spells


Physical Behemoth

Through magical enhancements and a lot of training, Astaroth is a beast to deal with in the physical side, let not his gift lie to you, he’s not a common mage.


Calm and Collected

Astaroth is able to stay calm in very tense situations with relative ease.



When you live a lot and live for fighting evil, you pick up a sense of danger and understanding of people and your surroundings




Weak to Light Magic

Like all Wynorms, Astaroth is weak to magic.



Astaroth, unlike his brethren, lacks of natural wings.



It’s hard for Astaroth to open up and trust people again


Lack of Agility

Astaroth is not very agile, he’s able to do things like turn around, but his fighting style is more heavy and standing ground rather than twirling around



Astaroth speaks his mind, which sometimes ends up hitting rather hard



Being the son of farmers, Astaroth hasn’t received much education, he knows how to read, but he’s ignorant in a lot of topics, this, however, doesn’t mean he’s dumb.




New Posts
  • Name: Talia Maylas Race: Ragnochi Age: 36 ***: Female Languages: Common Height: 8'2 Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Silky white and long, often tied into a low ponytail. Skin: Dark gray Chitin: Metallic blue, tealish at the joints, with white patches. Based on the Gooty Tarantula. Place of Birth: Cnoc Uaine, Rapal Current Location: Unnamed Village, Aethos Occupation: Tailor Appearance: Tal's upper body is like that of a Dark Elf. She has dark gray skin complimented by silky white hair, with deep blue eyes. Six extra spider eyes cover her forehead, each with black sclera most visible in her main humanoid eyes. Her bust is small, and her build a slender but subtle hourglass. From the waist down, her spider half is like that of the Gooty Tarantula, sometimes called the Metallic Tarantula, taking it's colors and body type for her own. The whole spider body is fuzzy and a deep shiny blue with a tealish-blue color on the joints of each leg, accented with white patches on the abdomen and legs. Unlike many other ragnochi, she bears two pedipalps on the front of her spider torso. In terms of clothing, Tal covers herself in silky white shirts with a blue corset. Her favorite shirt is one with bunched up sleeves sewn tightly together in the back, excess material falling over her dark hands. Rarely she uses a long light blue skirt-like shawl over her lower body that ties around her hips to repel rain, with a matching hooded coat. Personality: In first impressions, Tal is often seen as blunt and naive. She'll say rude things thoughtlessly if they're true and ask stupid questions just to hear how they answer it. She plays stupid if she can get away with it, because people react better to a childishly innocent spider than a kind and bubbly one. Talia truly loves to give to people and to get to know them, but has been burned too much by her appearance and poor rumors to do more than sit back and play dullard. If she cuts loose, she has quite the charisma to go around and a pure heart... just don't mess with her friends, she bites. Skills: -Thread Work- Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery, Tailoring, Knot-Tying, Crochet, Sewing, Braiding -Combat Related- None -Trade Skills- Pottery, Mushroom Cultivation, Dye Work, Beetle Raising Likes: Fat grubs, actual spiders, the feel of moss, shiny fabrics, shiny beetles. Dislikes: Places she doesn't fit inside, People who don't like spiders Fears: Fire, Being alone Ideals: Generosity, Kindness Ambitions: [ ] Start a family [ ] Become someone important [ ] Become self-sufficient [ ] Make a friends History: As with all ragnochi, Talia grew up with aloof and detached parents through her youngest years. Her survival can be mostly attributed to being a very indoorsy sort. She was content to stay inside and practice all the different things you do with thread instead of exploring the depths of the caves or the forest wilds. She didn't make many friends like this, nor learned any real social skills. Tal was quiet and easy to forget among her other siblings who were loud and often killed by curiosity. She didn't mind not having friends, and when her parents offered her love after her 11th birthday she just shrugged. She didn't need it. Talia had already closed herself off after watching her siblings perish, and her parents were forcing a loving familial connection onto her after a decade of denying it. It was easy to just keep ignoring each other like they were strangers again. It made for a very, very quiet home, bored into the side of a long cave in a great hill. Talia's teenage years not much better. She'd become adept at weaving, knitting, sewing, embroidery.. She felt like there wasn't much more to learn, and dabbled in creating and using dyes with her silk as well as raising beetles. She wasn't an expert at anything and had no peers or friends to push her to do better. The days melted into weeks and months, where nothing happened and the cave made day and night mean little. She couldn't sell clothing in a this tiny village with all her surviving siblings doing much the same. She could barely sell dye to the lazy. Exporting was the main source of income for many ragnochi in her position, but convincing a trader to take her wares was difficult. One day she decided that her skills would be better suited somewhere with few ragnochi, where the less legged could appreciate the shiny, soft silks she made. After a month of preparation she left for Aethos, barely on the cusp of her 18th birthday. She was wrong about much of Aethos. The thriving trade agreements between Terpes and Aethos meant they had much ragnochi-made silks and didn't need hers. The big city was so bright and different from her own that she struggled just to fit in. Her poor social skills were put through a grinder, but it wasn't too difficult to find other outcasts who understood her well enough. She just had to act less excited, show less teeth in her smiles, and carry her legs closer to the ground. Neighbors generally thought poorly of her raising fat grubs in her home, but she had to make her own lunch given nobody was selling anything to feed an insectivore. She would eat in secret just to be accused of eating people. She would hide her body under shawls just to be accused of being sneaky. She would hide what shes thinking just to be accused of plotting dark things. She had to play innocent, had to be bluntly honest, had to keep changing herself because her body scared others. Eventually she just gave up. City life was terrible (her growing social skills did little to help her) and the only thing she was really selling was her lichen dyes, usually for their psychoactive properties instead of dyes. Ten years was enough of a waste. She spent some time learning from Blaidd Esgyrn how to survive on her own, and headed off with him into the wilds. The wilderness was difficult, but she easily scared away animals with her imposing body. She needed no violate crops with their growing seasons and droughts, or game meat that came and went, just bugs that survived all seasons equally. She could enjoy nature from the mouth of her cave and dabble in mining the pretty crystals and metals. Tal built her strength from nothing, and quickly found herself surprisingly fond of the werewolf that had brought her to this peaceful existence. No longer did she have to worry about selling things to keep a roof above her head, nor did she need to barter to get the wood to feed her bugs and mushrooms. Still, she worries about who will come to the unnamed village they've made and if they'll judge her harshly for this body she never asked for.
  • Basics Name: Blaidd Esgyrn Age: 297 Race: Werewolf Place of birth: Small village in Rapal, abandoned many years ago Current location: Hunting Lodge named "The Wolf's Den", located in the Aethos wilderness Occupation: Hunter Appearance Eyes: red Hair: grey Height: 6'1" Skin: Pale, scarred Body Type: Athletic Backstory Childhood: Born into a small village, located in Rapal, that honored the Pureblood Werewolves as guardian entities, he was offered to the pack at birth and raised among other werewolves. Middle Years: Spent better part of a century working as a bounty hunter for the Aethos High Court, hunting and capturing anyone trying to evade the law. On several occasions, served as a rank and file soldier. Has spilled a significant amount of blood in several conflicts. Currently: Seeking a comfortable retirement in the wilderness, took his savings and invested them into building a Hunting Lodge. Spends his days roaming the local forest. Invited others to come and start a village with him, his neighbors are Illion, whom he served in the army with, and Talia, a young seamstress trying to find some direction in her life. The village, as yet unnamed, is being built as a sort of haven for those who might find themselves unwelcome elsewhere. Personality Likes: Non-humans, nature, hunting, fishing Dislikes: Arrogance, vegetables Current goals: Founding a village of outcasts
  • Basics Name: Xuag Verthag Age: 74 Race: Lowland Orc Place of birth: Unknown. Part of a nomadic tribe of pillaging,raiding orcs that would jump from one conquest to the next in search of their next plundering. Current location: A human village the orcs that inhabit don't know how to read and verbally renamed it to Vhalaghou after the slaughter of the villagers. Occupation: Seen as a Godlike chieftain among his fellow orcs. Appearance Eyes: The Uncommon color of Black Eyes. Hair: Thick Black hair that has been cut harshly, singed from fire and clotted with blood. Although sometimes he will just remove it all. Specifically during times of seasonal renewal. Height: 7" 9' Skin: His skin is thick acting like body armor for all the fights he has gotten in his skin scabs over and grows stronger. Pointed weapons have a harder time to pierce me. Body Type (skinny, fat, fit, etc): Fit but with a rounded stomach. Meaning that most of his strength is in his legs and arms with a neglected core. Clothes: Wears leather armor and straps. Prefers to adapt his armor to the circumstance in the rush of battle. If he finds better gear or something that catches his eye. He takes it for himself. Weapons: His main weapon of choice is the battleaxe. Backstory Childhood (1-45): If you had handed a baby an axe and told it to go out and kill thats what it was. Hunting anything my child self could throw my axe into. The tribe never had a rat problem. I was made fun of by the other orc children. My tusks did not grow as long as the other and I had to train harder to keep up with them. I was taken care of by my father who at the time was a expert tracks-man. He was able to hunt down animals by scent and taste alone. I would see him lick at the air which confused me but it would always lead us to a fresh kill. My mother on the other hand wasn't part of my life. My father would only tell me small snippets of information such as she was a younger delicate orc who was a beauty to behold. These stories only left me to fill a void that I have kept into my later years. Middle Years (46-Present day): My training was one of my biggest concerns. Keeping up with the other orcs and making sure I was taking care of my fellow tribesman. I realized I was a bit faster then normal and I would use this to my advantage when anyone wished to fight me to settle a dispute. I began to have a reputation which led to less and less orcs fighting me and more and more orcs respecting me. With every human village we razed to the ground I realized this way of life isn't going to last long for us. Eventually we will run out of villages to burn and pillage. I began to request an audience with our village chieftain who had decided that my ideas of settling down were going to be the destruction of our way of life. He scoffed at the idea that we would run through our endless resources. He had criticized my age as I had known nothing yet in this life. The village needed change and I was going to be the one to enact it. In the next couple years I had begun to recruit people toward a more fearsome loyalty toward me.I had begun to plant a seed of doubt into our fellow orcs. Eventually around my 65th year. I had decided that our aging orc leader was not fit to lead. Villages had begun to be scarce and the animals we had hunted had become less and less. Our people hungry had begun to listen to what I had to say about settling and adopting some of the things the humans who we had slaughtered have been doing to survive. I had requested one more audience with the old chieftain and have requested a trial of combat for leadership of the village. The tribe had gathered around to witness this and the battle between me and him had ensued. My axe vs his spear eventually I had used my speed against him to make a slash at his spear handle cutting in 1/2 after that had happened. It was all downhill for him. With a few more slashes at his body and one heavy chop at his head. The chief was down and the tribe was mine to control. I now resides as a chieftain of my village. I have decided to stop my tribes nomadic lifestyle for a more permanent style. I am constantly trying to make this transition easyier for my people however this is still a constant fight with some of his fellow orcs more nomadic instincts. Personality Likes: Fighting, Ritualistic Traditions, Axes, Large feasts of animals. Dislikes: I don't like to bathe. I hate humans. Any technology I don't understand. Ideals: The low are lifted up, and the high and mighty are brought down. Change is the natural order of things. The stories, legends and songs of the past must never be forgotten. Motivation: I live for my tribe. I fight for my tribe. My tribe will be protected with every fiber of my smelly Orcish self. Flaws: I remember every insult I've received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who's ever wronged me. My pride will lead to my destruction.
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