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Useful Commands


  • /help : get a list of commands

  • /rules : get a list of the server and forum rules

  • /sit on : turn on your sitting.

  • /sit off : turn off your sitting

  • /pc open main : Open the cosmetics menu

  • /warps : get a list of warps

  • /spawn : go to spawn for the world that you're in!

  • /spawnworld : to go to the spawn world

  • /back : use this upon dying to go back to your death spot

  • /sethome : set your home! Putting something after the command, will give the home a name (ie: /sethome valley). You can have 1 home by default!

  • /home : teleport to your home

  • /ignore : use this and the person's username to ignore their messages

  • All character commands!:

  • /pay : use this and an amount and username to pay someone

  • /bal : check your balance

  • /tpa : use this and a username to request to teleport to someone

  • /tpahere : use this and a username to request to teleport someone to you

  • /shop : open the server store gui

  • /races : open the races gui

  • /near : see who is near you

  • /lands : learn about lands and how to use it

  • /realname : use this with a nickname to find out a person's username

  • /cast : cast a spell!

  • /disguise : disguise yourself as an animal (only certain races have access to this)

  • /enderchest : open your enderchest gui

  • /discord : get the discord link

  • /vote : vote for the server and earn rewards!

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