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How to Make A Shop

If you simply want to buy goods quickly, just use /shop. But, if you want to rival server pricing and try to sell goods from your own shop, you can do so using a chestshop. Doing this is very simple.

  • Place a sign 1 block away from a chest (like above it, for example).

  • Leave the first line blank.

  • For the second line, put the number of items per purchase (for example: 64).

  • The third line will then be the price you are going to sell the items for. This is the format you will use: B <price>:<price> S. For example, B 6:4 S. The B side is how much people will purchase items for, and the S side is how much people can sell the items to your shop for.

  • The last line of the sign is the item ID. So to sell stripped birch logs, you'd write stripped_birch_logs.

To make sure you are buying/selling items at a fair price, do /worth on the item you are holding to see how much it is worth.

Note: You can also use a tradeshop!

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