Welcome to a New Type of Server Experience!

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AnnwnRP is a greylist, survival, and open-world server that strives to foster a unique and high quality roleplay experience. 


What does greylist mean? It means that anyone can join the server, but until you complete the tutorial, you will be stuck in adventure mode and muted. After completing the tutorial, you will automatically be transferred to survival mode and unmuted!


Why is it in survival? The server is in survival because we want you to be able to build your perfect roleplay scene in order to bring your roleplays to life; but we also love minecraft and the experience that it entails! It is a perfect mix of roleplay and gameplay!


Does open-world really mean open-world? Yes! Aside from protected areas like spawn and warps, you can build anywhere in the overworld! You can even protect your builds with either towny  or grief prevention. But never build anything in the nether or end! This is because both are reset monthly.