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Rewards for Roleplay!

In order to gain certain resources and more claimable land, you can roleplay! How this will work is that you must have a substantial number of messages sent between all parties involved, and the rp must be consequential. You can do this either on the server or on the forum. Confused? Staff will decide on what is considered substantial enough, so keep in mind that you need at least a good sized rp to qualify. As for it being consequential, it must either promote character growth or be an event for them (a fight, an exploration, etc). These messages must contain in character dialogue, descriptors, or actions. The bigger and better quality of rp you have, the better rewards you'll get! Bonus points if its with a staff member guiding or participating in the rp! How do you prove you've roleplayed? For the forum, just send a staff member the link! For the server, just send a staff member a screenshot or copy of your message logs.

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