May 5

The Backstory Vhalaghou


This post will discuss the town lore of Vhalaghou. However this post will be incomplete and will be filled more as different role-play sessions fill in the gaps of information.


The Day of Arrival: (Told from the Perspective of Xuag Verthag)


After the dismissal of the previous chieftain I had decided we needed to find a place to settle down. The best way to do this was to do what we had done best in the past. We had found a village worth taking over and when had waited until the cover of darkness waiting on a hillside nearby. When the full moon had risen into the night sky we had made our move. Torch in hand and axe in the other we had pillaged and slaughtered our way through the town of humans like we did so many others. To my knowledge not one human had escaped the raid and we gathered all their bodies to be set ablaze into three central fires in the middle of camp. The heads we had left laid all over town. Blood had soaked the streets and their flesh had turned rotten. I had ordered our tribe to settle down into their homes as we plan out our new settlement.


The Progression of the Village: (WIP)


The previous humans had setup their houses and gardens with a pasture of cows nearby. With much of their forest cut down I had felt it would be in our best interest to replant the forest they had cut down in the name of the earth goddess. We had constructed a tower to warn us of invaders which is manned by a shift of alternating orcs.




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