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            Giants are essentially very large humanoids.

Physical Attributes



           Giants are, in appearance, very large Humans with some small differences.



           Giants have the same skin possibilities as Humans, but due to their connection with nature, most Giants also have growths of either plants and/or stones/gems growing out of their skin in some areas.


           Giants can have any eye color, and Giants can have anywhere from 1 eye to 5 eyes.



           Giants have the same hair possibilities as Humans.



           Giants are similar to Humans physiologically, but Giants tend to be more buff without any effort on their part to be so. Giants are also born deaf, but it should be noted that this doesn't mean they are physiologically mute.

           The average height of a Giant is 10’0” – 13’0”.



           Giants have a maximum lifespan of 150 years.



           Giants originally evolved from a race of beings known as Colossals. These beings were so large that they were often mistaken for mountains. However, as people began to desire the massive bones of the Colossals as trophies, more and more were killed off. In order to escape extinction, the Colossals eventually evolved to be a much smaller size. But, the Giants did not entirely grow away from their ancestors, as Giants retained their deep connection to nature and earth, making Giants innately have nature magic and earth magic abilities.

           Giant culture is, despite rumors of Giants lacking culture and intelligence, very interesting. Giants, since they are born deaf, developed their own language using their hands which they call “Dactylology” (known in Common as Sign Language). Their alphabet is based off of the Common alphabet, so many individuals that are born deaf often find it easy to learn the Giants’ language. The Giants also have developed many magical items in order to aide them, such as a candle whose flame flickers rapidly when someone approaches the door, a necklace that speaks the words they sign, a blanket that folds itself away when the sun rises, and many others. Their learned ability to make intricate enchanted items like these, has evolved to the point that currently, all Giants are born with strong enchanting abilities.





            Giants’ beliefs typically depend on where they live. For example, many Giants choose to live alongside Dwarves, and thus will likely worship the Goddess of Earth. But, in a purely Giant community, religion is usually not a very big part of their society, so they may be atheist.



           Giants have an average family unit of 3 people.



            Giants have no known established traditions, but they do take birthdays much more seriously than any other race. During a Giant’s birthday, a great celebration is held, during which every whim of the Giant must be met. This is likely because usually, Giants are very passive in nature, so they must be deeply encouraged to ask for what they want or else they will never do so. If a Giant does not have all of their whims met, it is expected that they will refrain from contacting their friends and family for a full week as punishment for the friends and family.





            Giants have innate earth magic, nature magic, and enchanting abilities.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Giants are typically a very peaceful people, and do not enjoy the chaos of the battlefield. However, in a few rare cases, the Giants that have been known to fight are typically melee fighters that act as the front line fighters.



            Giants are fairly slow in their movements and thus have reduced reaction times, and they are deaf.



            Giants have names that are the names of stones, animals, or plants.

Male Examples:

Agate, Birch, Crab, Danburite, Eagle

Female Examples:

Aspen, Beatle, Copper, Dingo, Echinacea

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