Half Breed


            Half-Breeds are half one race and half another. THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.




           Half-Breeds are the rare result of the mixing of genes when races breed. Due to complex evolutionary changes, it has become very difficult for new races to emerge. This means that when two different races breed, the offspring is the race of either the mother or father, not a mix of the two. Half-Breeds, though, are the exception to this. Half-Breeds will have some traits of one race and some traits of the other race.




            A mix between an Arrain and a Dwarf.

Physical Attributes


           Essentially smaller, rougher Dwarves. 


           Similar to Arrain, Arrain-Dwarves have the skin color(s) of their animal counterparts. Most of their skin is rubbery (like a dolphin’s), but they can have scales/etc on their bodies in some places (usually on their tails or around their fins/etc). Their skin, like a Dwarf's, is especially thick, making it difficult to wound them with sharp or pointed weapons.


            Unlike Arrain, Arrain-Dwarves typically do have ears. 


           Similar to Arrain, Arrain-Dwarves have solid colored (no eye whites or visible pupils) eyes that can be any color.


           Similar to Dwarves, Arrain-Dwarves typically have much longer, thicker hair compared to other races. Curly and wavy hair are the most common hair types.


           Similar to Dwarves, Arrain-Dwarves are typically 4'0"-5'0", but unlike Dwarves, are not stocky/heavy. Arrain-Dwarves do have gills, and tails like Arrain, but do not have elongated toes or webbed hands/feet. Due to this, they are a bit slower in the water than Arrain. They have the same animal counterpart possibilities as Arrain. 


           Similar to Dwarves, Arrain-Dwarves have a maximum lifespan of 400 years.



            Arrain-Dwarves have Earth Sense, innate water magic abilities, and increased strength. 


           Arrain-Dwarves can swim, unlike Dwarves. But, they are slower swimmers than Arrain.

           Arrain-Dwarves have the same issue with their gills as Arrain, as they can't choose whether to use their gills or lungs.