Celestial descendants from the coldest parts of Annwn.

Physical Attributes


           Hyperboreans are lanky, giant humanoids with fingers that end in points.



          Hyperboreans can have very pale white or blue skin. Their skin is very thick and reflects the cold of the environments in which they live


         Hyperboreans have small, beady eyes that can be white, blue, or grey. 


         Hyperboreans have hair that stands straight up and out, and is typically covered in frost and ice. They can have white, grey, black, or blue hair.



          Hyperboreans are typical humanoids except that they have very long fingers that end in points and they are very lanky giants. 

          They can be anywhere from 10'0"-15'0" tall.



          Hyperboreans mostly age like humans except that they reach maturity at 30 rather than 18 They also stop aging after reaching maturity. They can live indefinitely. 


           Hyperboreans are said to be celestials, having descended from the God of Air, Rytis, and the Goddess of Snow, Chione. Legend says that they were cast out of Findargat, the realm of the Gods, when they tried to rise up and have one of them take the place as the God of Air. Rytis didn't tolerate this betrayal at all, and despite Chione's begging, he banished them from Findargat, and cursed them to live amongst mortals. 

          Forever angered by being cast out of Findargat, they are a war waging people, fighting different communities of their own kind or anything that dares come to their parts of the world.

           Hyperboreans are said to be made in the image of Giants, and many studious people claim that Hyperboreans must have evolved from Giants, but there is no proof of this nor of their rumors of former godhood.

          Some say that it is because of their celestial past that they don't age past 30 and are incapable of contracting diseases. 

          They are generally very reclusive, living in the coldest, most remote parts of the world, and often do not leave their communities, except to wage war.




         Hyperboreans generally worship their mother Chione, but rarely there are a few who worship Rytis, or Boreas as he is known in their culture, in an attempt to regain the lost favor they had with him. 


         Hyperboreans have an average family unit of 3 people.


         Hyperboreans consider family to be very important, but they don't live in very large family units like other races that also value family. Instead they have one or two children once every couple hundred years, and will spoil them with anything the child(ren) want. Spoiling a child is seen as a good thing in their society, as they view it as giving them a good childhood, so they can grow up without regrets. Some speculate that they have this tradition because Rytis, while a good person, was not a good father and often neglected his children. 

         They also have a tradition of war, constantly engaging in war to gain more land or simply to feel the rush of battle. 




          Hyperboreans have both ice and white magic innate magics.

Fighting Style

           Hyperboreans tend to use their long, sturdy, pointed fingers as weapons, striking them through the bodies of their enemies. 



          Hyperboreans are weak to dark magic.


         Hyperboreans have Norse names: https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/viking_names.php