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            Tsusei are animalistic humanoids.


Physical Attributes


            Tsusei are essentially the upright versions of their animal counterparts.



            Tsusei are covered head to toe in fur/feathers/etc, just as their animal counterparts would be. 



            Tsusei have the same eye color limitations as their animal counterparts.


            Tsusei can have hair on the tops of their heads that is similar to other humanoids’; but this is uncommon and is based purely on genetics. Those that do have this genetic trait can have any hair color.



            Tsusei are humanoids that have the general bodily characteristics of a specific animal (head, tail, ears, claws, haunches, etc), but in the form of a human (Just think furries). Tsusei will have Human-like hands with animal characteristics, but animal-like feet. Tsusei can only be the humanoid version of any animal (magical animals can be used if bought in the store), but it is particularly rare to see ones that are sea creatures or insects. Due to this rarity, sea creature/insectoid Tsusei may occasionally be referred to as Half Breeds by those unfamiliar with the Tsusei.

            The average height for a Tsusei is 5’4” – 6’6”. Height is not dependent upon the type of animal.

            Tsusei will only have the colors of their animal counterparts (no exceptions).



            Tsusei have a maximum lifespan of 200 years.




            Tsusei, even though they have a wide variety of appearances (in respects to types of animals), are all the same race. For this reason, the name of their race roughly translates from their language (Tsuseian) to Common as “Created as One”. No researchers have been able to find any evidence of evolution for the Tsusei, though, so for many, the belief is that the God of Animalistic Humanoids, Faunus, created them in his image; thus giving further meaning to the word Tsusei.

            Tsusei do wear clothes, despite some being covered in fur/feathers/etc, and it is considered just as obscene for them as it is for any other humanoid to be without clothing. Tsusei are also known to be very trustworthy and quick to trust others.

            Tsusei tend to have a very close bond with each other, and although many of them split into tribes/cities depending on the type of animal humanoid they are, any Tsusei is considered welcome and at home among any other Tsusei community (ie: A Gazelle-like Tsusei would not feel uncomfortable nor threatened by living among a tribe of Lion-like Tsusei; as the normal laws of predator and prey do not apply to Tsusei).

            Tsusei couples of the same animal type will produce offspring of the same type. Tsusei couples of different animal types will, 98% of the time, produce a child of one type or the other, but it is possible (a 2% chance) for the child to be a completely different animal type. Researchers suspect that this occurrence was much more common in the past, thus leading to the many, many different animal types of Tsusei that currently exist.


Why Aren’t Wynorms Considered Tsusei?

          Wynorms aren’t considered Tsusei because Wynorms have a clear evolutional history, and Tsusei are not a part of that history. (This also means that there are no Dragon-like Tsusei)





            Tsusei do not have one particular religion that a majority follow, and it typically depends upon the individual’s own beliefs.



            Tsusei average family units depend upon the city/tribe they live in and the values of that particular society.


            Tsusei traditions depend upon the city/tribe they live in and the values of that particular society. It is typical practice for every Tsusei to be taught 3 languages; Common, Tsuseian, and Beast.





            Tsusei are not innately magical, but they can talk to animals through a weak psychic magic. All Tsusei are born with True Sight.


Preferred Fighting Style

            Tsusei fighting style depends upon the individual.



            Tsusei are weak to charm curses (due to their trusting nature) and sound/smell amplifying spells (due to their animal-like heightened senses).



            Tsusei names vary greatly, as they depend on the area that the Tsusei lives. For example, if the Tsusei lives by a Human city, they may have a Human-like name; or if they live in an isolated area, their name may be in Tsuseian (or even in Beast for some extremely isolated places). Tsuseian names are made of consonants that are always followed by vowels or of vowels followed by vowels (no word or name may end in a consonant) (the only double consonants that exist are ‘sp’, ‘st’, ‘th’, ‘ts’, ‘ch’, ‘dh’, ‘sh’, and ‘ph’ but these can’t end a name/word). Beast names are animalistic sounds.

Male Examples:

Tsuseian: Ainoco, Bisinu, Chiunelo, Doragi, Edatse,

Female Examples:

Tsuseian: Anila, Berilashe, Cielana, Dhoanire, Enoga

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