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            Wynorms are reptilian humanoids descended from dragons.


Physical Attributes



            Wynorms are draconic humanoids, and look like a dragon would if they decided to hold a humanoid form. This usually means a dragon's appendages but overall humanoid shaped body, but rarely, there are exceptions to this where they will look more human but with dragon additions (anything from only scales to wings and limbs of a dragon). 

           Wynorms can very rarely be fur-based instead of scale-based, or have a mix of scales and fur.



            Wynorms are covered in scales that can be any color. If part of an exception and skin and scales are shown, the skin can be any color. If part of the very rare exception, fur can be any color.



            Wynorms can have any eye color.



            Wynorms are usually hairless, but exceptions exist both depending on the wynorm and on the type of dragon they are descended from. 



            Wynorms usually have the heads of dragons, but a scale (or fur/or both) covered humanoid body. Wynorms also usually have dragon wings on their backs (not all Wynorms have wings, but wings are very common), and dragon tails. If part of an exception, they may have human-type skin just with scales accenting their bodies. They may also have the legs of a dragon, making them similar in form to a Harpy or Satyr. If part of the very rare exception, they can have fur covered bodies, fur and scale covered bodies, or even a mix of fur and skin or skin and scales or even all three! They can be anywhere from 4'0" - 8'0" tall.



            Wynorms have a maximum lifespan of 800 years. They age like a Human until they reach 13 years old, after which they age 1 year for every 8 years of life. 




            Wynorms are the direct descendants of Dragons. It is unknown how this evolution occurred, but legend says that it was due to a shapeshifting mishap of a Dragon who became stuck in the humanoid form. Wynorms were also the first of the reptilian humanoids to modernize and create their own cities. The most well know Wynorm built city is known as “Taoul di Drihliri” which translates to “The City of Bones”. The city received this name due to the fact that it was built under the bones of a giant dragon.


Why Aren’t Wynorms Considered Tsusei?

          Wynorms aren’t considered Tsusei because Wynorms have a clear evolutional history, and Tsusei are not a part of that history. (This also means that there are no Dragon-like Tsusei)





            Most Wynorms worship the God of Darkness that they know as Whedabra. The Wynorms are not inherently evil, nor do they necessarily condone evil; but they do hold the belief that one evil warrants another. So, they worship Whedabra in hopes that they follow his example of giving evil punishments to those who have committed evil.



            The average Wynorm family unit is 4 people. Wynorms can one lay one egg at a time, and they can only do so once every 10 years.



            Wynorms have one main tradition which is that if someone wrongs a Wynorm or their family, then that Wynorm is required to give equal treatment to the one that wronged them; even if it includes murder.





            Wynorms can breathe their respective type depending on their genetics (fire, boiling water, laughing/sleeping/poison gas, or tar). Often, the main color of the scales/fur will be what they can breathe. They also have innate dark magic abilities.


Preferred Fighting Style

            A Wynorm’s preferred fighting style depends upon the individual.



            Wynorms are weak to white magic. If a wynorm's wings are cut off, they won't grow back.



            All Wynorm names are in Draconic. Here are some references to use:

Male Examples:

Angkar, Bahr, Claug, Durg, Ethar

Female Examples:

Autha, Ballax, Ciym, Dalagh, Elden

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