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Lost Soul


            Lost Souls are the souls of beings who did not pass on to the underworld, and are now trapped in Aequether (the plane between Annwn and Tirnanog). THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.

Physical Attributes



            Lost Souls look how they did before they died, but they are translucent and have an aura of light around them.



            A Lost Soul’s aura is a colored cloud of smoke that emanates from their backs. The color of their aura reflects their mood.  



          Lost Souls have chains that are the physical (or rather ethereal in this case) embodiment of the things that keep them from moving on to the afterlife. When a Lost Soul becomes a Lost Soul, they start with a shackle on their right hand. More pieces of chain are added the more reasons they have to stay, and the more shackles are added the more they resist moving onto the afterlife. For example, many Lost Souls that are centuries old will have shackles on every appendage and their chains will be so great that it takes great amounts of energy for them to move around.


General Color

            A Lost Soul’s overall color is on a scale from black to white; the blacker it is, the more evil-hearted the person is. Most Lost Souls are a light or dark grey color.



            A Lost Soul is doomed to wander Annwn until they are helped to the afterlife by a Mirtisan. Lost Souls can avoid Mirtisans by running away, but if they are touched by a Mirtisan, they are immobile until the Mirtisan has ‘broken’ all of their chains by walking them through their past, present, and future in order to help them let go of their earthly ties. Once all of a Lost Soul’s chains have been broken, the Mirtisan will offer them a chance to go into the light. It is rare for them to do so, but they can refuse. But, refusing will simply add another shackle, and all of their previously broken chains will return.




            When a being dies they are given the option to move forward into the light, or to turn back. Lost Souls are those that turned back. Not much more is known about the specifics of this nor the afterlife, but it can be assumed that there is one due to the simple existence of Lost Souls (though some still choose to believe that there is no such thing as Lost Souls).





            Lost Souls can only interact with the material world (aka Annwn) in small ways (moving items a few centimeters) unless they are fueled by pure emotion that has had time to build up. So, for example, if a Lost Soul fueled by grief had been around for roughly 100 years, they would be able to interact with the material world normally, while a similar soul that had been around for 1000 years would be able to use telekinesis to manipulate objects in the material world. The most fearsome lost souls are those that have been around for thousands of years, as they are capable of possessing living beings; but those they possess will have their souls ripped out and their bodies will slowly rot (but the rotting process will be slowed to about 1/4th of the normal speed). Lost Souls of any age can also teleport instantaneously, but they can only teleport to locations they had a strong emotional connection to while they were alive. Lost Souls of any age can also go invisible (unable to be seen even by Demons or Mirtisans) for a short time, the older the soul the longer they can be invisible. However, when invisible, a Lost Soul can't use their abilities to interact with the material world. 


Preferred Fighting Style

            Lost Souls have spiritual forms of the items they had on them when they died, so if they interact with a Mirtisan or a Demon, they would be able to attack them with these items. (Demons and Mirtisans are the only races that can feel, see, hear, touch, etc Lost Souls)



            Lost Souls are harmed by salt (if they are hit with it or they try to pass over a line of it, they will feel an unbearable burning sensation), holy water and blessed incense (being around it will make them queasy and being hit by it will make them faint), and a banishing ritual can completely destroy (aka kill) a Lost Soul if the mages that perform it are powerful enough.



            Lost Souls have the names they had in life.

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