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            The Wretched are any primary race that has been the subject of a curse resulting in a change or deformity to their bodies. THIS RACE CAN'T BE USED BY NORMAL PLAYERS AND ACCESS TO IT MUST BE BOUGHT.




           The Wretched are the rare result of a being or beings being cursed with a bodily disfiguring spell that is so powerful it is incapable of being undone. The Ragnochi are a prime example of Wretched who managed to multiply to such great extents that they are now a primary race. This achievement is so rare though that it is almost unheard of, and all other Wretched will be anywhere from to singular creatures to small communities depending on how many were originally cursed. As for genetics, curse genetics are particularly weak, so unless a Wretched breeds with another Wretched of the same type, they will not produce another Wretched Through generations of breeding within the same wretched subrace, the genetics will become stronger until they are akin to a primary race (You cannot make a primary race, only up to small communities will be permitted). 

This race is your chance to effectively make your own race! When buying access to this race, you may suggest as much or little lore as you'd like, but in the end, what lore actually gets created is up to DoctorBlanket (website/server owner). I will work with you as much as I can to ensure the race is balanced, fun, and has quality lore! You will also have a hand in picking what spells the race has on the minecraft server(though again final decision is up to doctorblanket). Entries of types of Wretched will be added as people buy the race!

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